Major Paris
Also with: ADAM (mother agency) / I LOVE Models Management / Nevs / VIVA Models Berlin



Place of Origin:
Florida, US

Ethnic Origin:
English and Native American


How discovered:
Sent photos into ADAM NYC

Favorite things:
My iPod, traveling, chocolate

Favorite music, band:
DJ Paul Keeley

BMX & drums

Favorite piece of clothing:
My sunglasses

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging out with great friends and good energy

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Shooting L’OFFICIEL Hommes Germany with model Alex Beck

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The Beach & the yacht club

Favorite artist (any kind):
David Byun…

Place you would love to visit:

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My career, creating new goals.

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  • B

    very sexy.
    like, seriously hot. That’s all I have to say.

  • j

    They should do sth w/ his hair, but I like him btw.

  • Leonie

    he looks very interesting! but he should really change his hair ..
    and he should better not go to japan at the moment :/

  • l

    Luke Worrall look alike.

  • Loving his look.
    Beautiful face.

  • Daniel

    I’ve seen this kind of look before.I’d like to see what his print work is like (shame it wasn’t included) by just judging just by his polaroids I don’t think he’s gonna make it big.I’d like to be proven wrong,though.

  • Dimitri

    wow, sexy as hell. I think this hair really matches with him, looks like Billy Idol style.

  • Baise

    Hot! That is all

  • Ali

    His look is too interesting

  • He sure gets my attention! Love his eyes!

  • LAdy Gaga


  • Xanax

    Sexy edgy boy! I love his mole under his bottom lip.

  • Nigel S.

    Can’t recall where I first saw him, probably YVY or a similar site late last year – He is ri-dic-u-lously sexy… He had some great runway appearances this season.
    A true standout in the crowd with those beyond striking features.

  • pixie

    I don’t think his hair is real because his eye brows aren’t blonde. Good model though :)

  • HH

    I’m not sure why but I like him

  • I love the edge in him. Wow.

  • Avon

    He looks like a evil version of Luke Worrall!(in a good way)

  • Gloria

    That’s not a mole, its a piercing

  • good look

  • I wish I could get discovered. Good luck and good job

  • Nichole

    haha “he takes my breath away”! But he really is a good-looking guy. I like how he seems uninterested in his handsomeness. As if looking good is as natural as blinking.

  • Nichole

    He looks like an anime character. One of those guys who are supposed to be so sexy.

  • Nikki


  • i love his lip piercing and his ear peicings! plus, i also love his hair and his tatoos! his body ait hard to look at either.

    the guy of my dream: tatoos, peircings, Japan, and a FUCKIN AWESOME name!

    Leebo Freeman <3


  • We Were Both Hanging out at 2011 Fashion Week For Tampa,FL Casting Call and i knew he would Make it. we both had a long Conversation on Modeling. it’s god to see someone i met make it.

  • Farah

    His piercings can definately bring him somewhere. He kind of reminds me of AJ Abualrub :)

  • Roger

    had to look twice,
    couldn’t figure out if was absolutely gorgeous or just very wrong…
    but i figured it out!
    HE’s AMAIZING!!!
    Big fan from now on!!