Select Model Management



Place of Origin:
Devon, UK

Ethnic Origin:
Devonshire mix London


How discovered:
My cousin’s boyfriend told me to come in. He’d read Select were best and he wasn’t wrong!

Favorite things:

Favorite music, band:
Bob Marley and The Collar Bones (they’re this wicked underground band that toured with “The Hand of Fatima”)

Motor sports – that was my original path in life! I want to be a stunt double. Also, farming!

Favorite piece of clothing:
My Burberry cashmere jumper and of course my Burberry mac

What’s your idea of fun?
Hanging with my boys, they’re also with Select. Racing around the countryside with my friends back home.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My 1st job, the Burberry campaign. Amazing experience. Working with Mario and Christopher all in one day was wicked, not that I knew who they were until I turned up! However, they’ve all been good experiences so far, what I’m loving most is working with friends.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
Being on the farm, clotted cream and the greenery.

Favorite artist (any kind):

Place you would love to visit:
It was NY but just got back from there! Now I want to go to Brazil.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My Marc Jacobs cashmere socks – I haven’t taken them off since the show and that was last week! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!

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  • justin

    Kinda Hot. isn’t he?

  • harlow

    Not bad, he’s no Simon Nessman though.

  • He’s beautiful!

  • chase

    Wow well spotted, he isnt Simon Nessman. He is JACOB YOUNG and he is major. The face of british cool.

  • he is freaking sweeeeet! really hot and cute!


  • Definitely can be a model, but he should show a bit more personality in his photos to make up for his existing, but somewhat typical attractiveness.

  • sam

    Devonshire mix London is like saying man mix woman


  • HH

    I love him and his answers!

  • YT

    is he jeremy young’s brother? xD

  • MQ

    Where are the weird ones though? Select used to bring out some very interesting faces but now it’s all too “good looking british boy” similar thing. All do is Burberry/Topman then just hang around for a while. Need a new Danny B…doubt they will by the looks of things! Great Burberry shot however!!!

  • Andrew

    I’m diggin’ the Burberry shot.

  • Sam way

    MQ, weird ones abound, but an agency gives the industry what it wants and the industry dictates to the agencies what they’re looking for. I agree his look is a bit bland but it’s what sells at the minute.

  • Allison

    He looks GORGEOUS in the third pic! I could do without his Justin Bieber haircut tho.

  • MQ

    fair point Sam…I guess London will stay boring :(

  • Giedre

    i like him :)

  • bhjmdxgnd

    I love him!
    He is awsome.

  • He’s too beautiful, I hope he goes somewhere! <3

  • Ggayla

    I love him such a great model !

  • daisy

    gorgeous but it always is a turn off when guys WALK IN to agencies!! ek

  • Lucas

    Lol. His favorite things is GIRLS!

  • anastasia

    I doubt all these are his answers. i saw the same kind of interview for Callum Wilson, and it said he likes the same band (and he also mentions the same thing thats in parentheses).
    Someone asked him on his blog if it was true and he said he never even heard of this band…. lol just putting it out there that its possible that half of these answers are invented…..
    Love Jacob Young though!

  • andrĂ©

    Ele quer vir para o Brasil.. XD

  • tuba


  • Laura

    anyone knows when is his birthday????

  • Sabrina

    In his polaroids he looks like a young Sam Riley. Love him.

  • Risky Ramanda

    He looks like Jeremy Young