Model of the Week: Jia Jing


New York Model Management



Place of Origin:
Nanjing, JiangSu, China

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
My mum entered me into a modeling contest and I came in second place.

Favorite things:
My laptop and my small teddy bear (it travels with me everywhere)

Favorite music, band:
Pop music – Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake

Watching movies, shopping, surfing the web

Favorite piece of clothing:
My new leather jacket, I am wearing it every day!

What’s your idea of fun?
Spending time with my friends and family, they always make me laugh.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My first shoot with Bazaar magazine.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
All kinds of foods

Favorite artist (any kind):
Jimmy Spa (Jimmy Liao), illustrator/author in Asia

Place you would love to visit:
Africa, Paris

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
New york city and learning English.

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  • Mylees

    errr,i believe the chinese have better to offer

  • phi

    i can see some Ai Tomingaga features in her

  • jac

    Such a diverse beauty, I think we will be seeing a lot more types of asian models, I love her strong masculine look.

  • Eamon

    She has an amazingly strong face – look at pic # 8!

    I like how she seems at home on both sides of the androgyny fence. There is yet to be another Asian model with the same haunting intensity as Daul Kim but Jia could come close.

  • harlow

    1 word: Amazing!

    Sorta reminds me of Daul Kim!

  • Yasmin

    I love the 2nd last picture (except the dress ;-)
    But too skinny…

  • poplife

    I remember seeing her at the shows and looking through her book but maybe her features aren’t distinct enough because I couldn’t recognize her off the bat most of the time in person and on the runway/pictures.

    She does remind me a little of Ai Tominaga with the elongated elfin like face with a little bit of masculinity. Very different nose and also a little bit of Lee Hyun. Good long thin lines for runway.

  • Joe

    I love her

  • YY

    reminds me of ai tominaga :) not that that is a bad thing

  • nek

    i like her a lot and wish her well

  • no way! bad hair!,,, NO TO: LONG FACED GIRLS!!… this nice body though
    she lacks THE XFACTOR

  • lol “TOO SKINNY” not even a problem!, its easier to eat a burger everyday, than loosing 10 pounds for some people

  • Sam

    I hate to say this, but this girl doesn’t show much potential.

  • poplife

    @ olivia
    I say no to round faced girls! Plus, round faces are more stereotypical/common face of Asians. Jia photographs well and the length+angularity of her face makes her special.

  • bee

    AI tominaga!!!

  • kf

    sorry, but i don’t see it in her face

  • belgin

    i didnt like…

  • Danny

    I like her long face, she’s pretty….congrats Jia Jing!

  • Omg she is sooo beautiful! I live her face. And eyes.


  • Hayley

    I love this image, the dress is amazing and she looks stunning! Really interesting use of the silk backdrop and movement!!

  • Nandos

    Meh.. there are more interesting asian girls for sure

  • Xanax

    Stunning! I love her face and her height! A great addition to the growing popularity of Asian models… All the more better for ethnic models in this white washed industry.

  • abbey

    wow i am in love with her neck!! pic 7 <3

  • Danielle

    I think she looks absolutely amazing! I love her look, her face is very feminine and masculine at the same time! Jealous! :)

  • VIola

    Lovely look, but I feel like I have seen her before. She seems very versatile.

  • Wow.. Beautiful girl..

  • GORGEOUS! Her androgyny is probably the best feature about her. She is truly androgynous, she doesn’t just look like a man like some “androgynous” models. She is the perfect balance which makes for a great amount of versatility. I hope she can make it.

  • Lucas

    I like the second last photo! The dress and stuffs. Pretty!

  • Joo

    I can see her in haute couture