m4 models


182cm (5’11.5″)

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Ethnic Origin:
1/3 German, 1/3 Russian, 1/3 Kazakh


How discovered:
Via Facebook

Favorite things:
Sports, fashion, hanging out with friends

Favorite music, band:
rap (50 cent), electro (Bloody Beetroots), Bruno Mars, classical

The things I usually like to do are for example: do some exercises in the fitness center, participating in social projects and
spend my rare free time with my family, and especially with my brother.

Favorite piece of clothing:
My favourite piece of clothing is probably a very simple black sack coat. Additionally I would say that I love all kinds of shoes.

What’s your idea of fun?
My personal idea of fun is everything that puts a smile on my face. For instance, if I have a good time with my friends, when we have sit-in at one of my mates’ house and keep hanging around. So basically everything that makes me forget all my daily problems, so that I have some careless time and just have fun.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
My favourite modeling experience was a photo shoot with an Australian photographer. It was my first, real professional shoot. As one might imagine I’ve been extremely nervous. But it turned out to be so chilled, since the photographer was such a calm guy who was absolutely relaxed in his appearance. For this reason I immediately forget about all my worries and concerns, whether I would do my job good or not, etc… That was a very good thing that I have experienced so far in modeling. And the positive side-effect was/is that I gained a lot of self-confidence.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The best thing about my hometown is that it’s so multicultural and it’s like an unity in diversity. So many different people live here and I’ve many international friends, which is so fascinating to me because I’m really interested in other cultures. An other aspect that makes me love Hamburg itself is definitely that the city has such a variety of architecture. One can basically see how the city develops with time and how the structural changes effect the people living in the city. I have many more reasons why Hamburg is such a nice place to live…
Germany itself is a secure place to live in, which nowadays becomes a more and more import aspect to me, if you take a look on how bad situations are elsewhere in the world, like in Egypt, Tunisia… This is a point where I must say that I’m grateful to live in such a democratic state. Enough of the political stuff… Germany is small, indeed. But it has a lot to offer. It has a lot of history, culture and it’s modern at the same time. In my opinion this is obviously a significant combination which not many places on the globe can offer in such an extend and quality.

Favorite artist (any kind):
My favourite artist has been for a long time 50 Cent, because some of his songs touched my heart or just felt really good to listen to. But now I rather tend more towards Bruno Mars, since his songs are full of warmth and love… the things that everybody needs once in a while.

Place you would love to visit:
One place I would really like to visit would, by all means, be New York. Many of my friends have already been there and all had a stunning and breathtaking experience.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
It did not start it just because of modeling, but I’ve noticed how addicted people in my environment are to unhealthy stuff such as alcohol, fast food, cigarettes, etc. Therefore I made a decision and realised that I don’t want to harm my body in that way but keep it healthy.

  • opp

    he’s cute … and chatty!

  • Xanax

    Beautiful symmetrical face. And I love that he really answers the questions and puts some real perspective in them.

  • This is a really good new model here and hats off to Emil for sounding as a really intelligent guy who actually cares about what he does- including interviews. He has a sense of history and purpose, and is wise beyond his years with enough individuality not to join the herd masses in things that are self destructive- best of success to you Emil!

  • great new face!! very paul smith!!

  • harlow

    aww hes charming! i love his answers.. he seems like a very intelligent young man.

  • Ali

    I think he has enough potential to compensate for being marginally under 6ft0,

    He has a great future

  • mark

    i love that he begins every answer by repeating the question haha. cute !

  • Akis

    Sweet, But 182 is too small for the most of work

  • ESkinny

    In the sixth photo the he looks like Francisco Lachowski ( )

  • Wow!
    Handsome boy!

  • S

    OMG cutest thing in the world

  • Lozza

    Tad short so I don’t know what the fashion show castings will be like

  • Natasha

    I think he still has time to grow taller & hit the 6 feet mark since he’s 17. I’m sure of it.

  • Mimi

    Very smart kid and thoughtful. I like the way he thinks. It adds another dimension to his beauty.

  • He’s too smart for his age…and he’s very talkative which shows character.

  • Zack

    Haha it’s nice how he writes so much.

  • ARE YOUKIDDING ME???????????… HE IS PERFECT ALL THE WAY!… IM NOT EVEN WORRIED THAT HE IS 5’11.. WITH THAT CHARMING FACE!.. WOW,,and its not like models dont stuff their shoues with paper and fillers on their shoes on catwalks.. learn the secrets!!!!!!!

  • i know they are humans,i work in my own modeling agency and i learn a lot of you guys,emil is very handsome and i’m sure he will be a very succesful guy in the world of career as a fashion designer has teaching me a lot and this page also,in my city there are not a modeling agency,so i am crating my own,i hope some day i can show my boys and girl in your page,very good work is what you doing dicovering new faces.XO-XO

  • Jonathan

    what a stupid comment about height
    modelling is not about height can find many tall guys but that doesn’t make you model…even agency in London set the height requirements from 5’10 to 6’2 or 6’3 for male model
    this guy is so uniquely handsome and dropdead gorgeous
    the agency will change their height on their postcards
    they are some guy who is 6’4 but they wrote it up as 6’2 and 5’11 as 6’0

  • He reminds me of Francisco Lachowski a little bit but he has his own look! And so well-spoken!

  • Victor

    Looks great!

  • Coconut


  • HH

    Thoughtful guy and a romantic look!

  • Disman

    He’s so cute, i love this photos

  • Rama

    the photographer

  • I love his answers to the interview questions! He’s so socially concious and I love that he recognizes the need to recognize his body as a temple.

  • Patrick R

    Great look, and insightful. Breaking the model stereotype, perhaps?



  • .

    I guess he doesn’t know that three thirds don’t equal a whole?

  • yeah, reminds me of francisco lachowski.
    he’s perfect,go get signed now and rule the world.

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