Model of the Week: Milly Simmonds


Union Models
Also with: 1 Model Management / Women Milan



Place of Origin:
Leicestershire and Rutland, UK

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
Scouted by Jody Furlong visiting London with my mum one summer.

Favorite things:
Travelling, fashion, my family, Matt, meeting new people, seeing friends, listening to music, movie nights in, chilling on the beach, camp fires, animals (especially sausage dogs)

Favorite music, band:
I haven’t really got a favourite, but at the moment love the new Kings of Leon album. I love anything tbh! Apart from heavy metal.

Horse riding, running, tennis, cooking, interior design, retail therapy!

Favorite piece of clothing:
Highwaisted black leather skirt, black leather trousers, and my cow onesie!

What’s your idea of fun?
Partying, chilling with Matt, going back to Rutland or Cornwall for a holiday to see friends and family, shopping with the girls, being adventurous.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Going to NY, shooting an editorial in Switzerland

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The countryside, south coast, the pubs and summer BBQs.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Jo Barrett (still life artist)

Place you would love to visit:
Maldives, a road trip around the States, and Fiji.

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Matt and taking pictures of American trucks, as I’m in New York. And the accent! And the songs “Express Yourself” and “A to the K” by Cypress Hill, and sausage dogs.

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  • Myru

    very beautiful…she looks a little bit like emily blunt?

  • buci

    …I am speachless….she is gorgeous …very interesting features…kinda dreamy..

  • So true reminds me of emily blunt too! ^^ Pretty girl!

  • BBC


    She’s the new Lily Donaldson.

  • She is a beautiful sweet girl, commercial modelling seems suitable. Need to see more test shoots, since the last two are not so appealing.

  • love her look; different & beautiful.

  • Yasmin

    Amazing! Very different and interesting!
    Great face, especially from the side… her haircolor is beautiful, it’s smth between brown & black with some redish/purpleish facettes…

  • lisa T

    get out of the biz.
    it’s filled with a bunch of freaks of nature.
    study to be a doctor, musician, something.
    modeling will wreck your life.

  • Ali

    Model version of Emily Blunt

    Very beautiful

  • such a beautiful profile (love her lips!)

  • HH

    Her best feature is her lips! Though you gotta cut on the nights partying girl!You look a little tired.

  • Rafael

    She’s very beautiful, but her lips annoy me, though.

  • I really like her FACE….

  • yes!

  • Jana

    Who’s Matt?

  • Sasha

    She’s a luminary doll, simply divine…

    Please be mindful that the photos don’t do her justice: this is due to the lack of natural light, and slight shining affect on her skin.

    I can easily envisage her wrapped up in some Edwardian dress; likewise, I can see her in a Marc Jacobs edgy, street vibe look.


    The lips, the lips, the lips….yummy….

  • kaitlin

    she isn’t a new face!! she was with IMG then moved to Union, been doing loads of stuff like littlewoods, commercial jobs hair jobs loreal tatler! my mate used to go to school with her and she has been modelling for ages!

  • mike

    she was in union’s 2008 show package on

  • katie

    she has been modelling for more than 8 months! i’ve seen on on IMG new faces back in 2008?

  • BBC

    She lived outside of London and was still at school then. Moved to London in the summer and started modelling full time 8 months ago.

  • VIola

    Took my breath away! I can also see the Emily Blunt resemblance. I have a feeling that she will have a long and great career.

  • She is definitely one to watch – check out’s interview with her:

  • daisy

    she has been a model for about 4 years now, working commercially with IMG then she moved to Union as things were not working at IMG! I worked with her at IMG so i would know…never the less its wonderful she is having her moment
    love her!

  • She’s such an ethereal beauty!

    Had the oppertunity to test with her a year or two ago…she was a natural. I think Jody knew he was onto something here! =]

  • xxx

    New Burberry Campaign with Callum Turner

  • I think, she isn’t as beautiful as Anja Rubik, but she is pretty simple compared to ordinary girls,she is original in appearance..lovely/not so for me..

  • Really i like her modeling……………..