IMG Paris


180cm (5’11”)

Place of Origin:
Derry, Ireland (born in Hamburg, Germany but living in Ireland for 11 years)

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
By Jeni Rose and David Cunningham from IMG in a mall casting for Ireland’s ‘the Model Scouts’, which I actually won!!!

Favorite things:
Yoga mat, iPhone4, my huge woolly jumper

Favorite music, band:
Gorillaz, Elvis Costello, Madonna, the XX, Franz Ferdinand

Eating out, running, travelling, sightseeing

Favorite piece of clothing:
My blue and gold embellished Phulkari dress from India

What’s your idea of fun?
A quiet night in with my family, making dinner from Jamie Oliver’s cookbook

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Walking in Paris couture fashion week

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
It will be the City of Culture 2013!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Claude Monet

Place you would love to visit:
Istanbul, to visit the Topkapi Palace museum and the Blue Mosque

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
My new iPhone4!

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  • She has great potential.

  • what a beautiful new face, truly unique and lovely, and Tabea sounds so smart, for any age and just taught me something – about this beautiful mosque…what a great discovery she is, Tabea rocks!

  • Lucia

    wow, so charming…there is a piece of natalie portman in her eyes! :)

  • reubs

    omg! It’s Tabea! I watched the show that she was in!

  • aya

    she is gorgeous !

  • kuukua

    she’s breathtaking, almost like a statue, so perfect.

  • Joe

    She is absolutely gorgeous! Breath taking . I really really hope she goes far

  • Grainne

    Well done Tabea! Xxx

  • Seb

    Gorgeous. Love her nose.

  • Lily

    For once, there is actually a girl that looks unique and versatile. All the best for her!

  • KC


  • Lana

    She has a different look… not much commercial appeal at all.
    But her height and frame don’t hurt her at all

  • Wooooow!!! Gorgeous!

  • Yasmin

    a little boring though…

  • Simply stunning.

  • she’s be-a-u-ti-full!!!!

  • I would love to photograph her! :)

  • nice work

  • Amber

    SOOOO happy for Tabea! I always knew this girl was gonna go far! Such a deserving winner! :D

  • Love this photos….what a beautiful face. Sure am glad that Jeni and David gave her a chance….she’s gorgeous!

  • lily

    she reminds me of Lexie from ANTM lol she’s prettier tho.

  • james.jaiyeola

    and u have killer legs

  • HH

    Puppy eyed and beautiful lips..she has a soft and classic face

  • OMG saw her in model scouts!!! :D
    she was awesomee glad to see her finally up on the site

  • Klaudie

    I love her look! She is gonna go far in my opinion

  • caromari

    She may not be the next household name but she will be a working model – I can see her on the runway, with that chiseled-marble face, hair pulled back in slick pony tail and brigh, hot-pink lips.

  • winkedsmiley

    I think she has a great facial expression, beatiful eyes, her height is PERFECT.
    She’s gonna rock.

  • abrar

    looking sexy with that beautyful lips body is looking sexy and happy valinetine

  • abrar

    saw ur photos was very hot hope good for ur future believe that want to meet u once in my life

  • krishna

    lifted aonly a little amazing movement

  • i love this look for her!

  • Looks really fun! I’m smiling and have been the whole time! You look great!

  • bethel

    great potentials frm her

  • Noodles

    Wow! She looks so well, just really well. Her wellness is truly great.

  • She’s amazing! So much potential and so far to go with it.

  • wow…. sexy

  • Sasha

    Yasin, I’m sorry, I have to disagree!

    At 17 years old, this girl is far from “boring.” I declare,
    she is, indeed, the perfect canvas that every designer, make-up artist, and stylist requires.

    If you want to see boring simply turn on your TV.

    On the contrary, this girl is a undeniable rarity, and a treasure to adorn due to her unusual generic structure…

    Irish, German = diva = she’ll bloom into a star, just you wait and see.

  • annie


  • VIola

    Finally! Something fresh. Her features are really different and beautiful. I’m looking forward to see her work down the road.

  • bamboo banga


  • K

    she is amazing!

  • barbo


  • Jenna

    Very gorgeous. Facial structure is amazing.

    http:// bit. ly/ 15SecondsOfFame

  • lea

    looks like Keira Knithley

  • Margaret

    You are amazingly beautiful and you deserve the worldwide success! Keep my fingers crossed 4 u :)