Model of the Week: Fardau van der Wal


New York Model Management



Place of Origin:
Eastermar, The Netherlands

Ethnic Origin:
All Dutch


How discovered:
My mother agency Fresh Model Management found me on the internet.

Favorite things:
I love to swim! Friends are very important to me so I enjoy relaxing with my friends as often as I can. I also love going to the gym and how happy I feel afterwards.

Favorite music, band:
Beyoncé and Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody

Listening to the music… dancing with my friends! And of course shopping!!!

Favorite piece of clothing:
My black pants!

What’s your idea of fun?
Just being crazy and having fun when I’m waiting at castings.

Favorite modeling experience so far?
The traveling.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
The space.

Favorite artist (any kind):
Don’t really have one… no artist in particular, but I like R&B musicians especially.

Place you would love to visit:
New York, but I am already here and I think it’s great!

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Fashion, because I just started modeling and I wanna know more about it.

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  • M

    Gorgeous! Maybe we could get some shots with the mouth closed?

  • gino

    wowwww amazing girl ! New york models rockkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssss

  • She’s amazing. Beautiful eyes & mouth.

  • face of the moment!
    i noticed that fresh has interesting board.

  • gino

    After Melissa Tammerijn Freshmm discovers a new amazing supermodel………Love LOve LOVe LOVE

  • Tam

    euh…. I don’t get it… daily duo is getting stronger and motw is getting weaker.

  • Yasmin

    Cute… her expression and the nose/mouth reminds me of Doutzen!

  • I like her!

  • Woooow! Gorgeous!!!

  • Marty

    isn’t she from the same place as doutzen ?

  • Harold Rodgers


  • Eite

    Hey guys,

    hey Marty,

    yes, she is from the same place Doutzen used to live when she grew up……
    It’s in the province of Friesland, way up north in the Netherlands…..

    Grew up myself in a town quite nearby and used to (male) model myself internationally from 1993 (when i was 15) till 5 years ago…..

    It’s funny to see how the northern girls are so in vogue at the moment!

    Regarding Fardau:




  • minh

    mrs jolie

  • Nichole

    I like her! But it seems she’s trying a little bit too hard with the puckered lips and eye squinting. Maybe she could be a little less obvious? All the more, she’s gorgeous.

  • Booker

    Mrs. Jolie indeed Fardau is so beautyfull just amazing.

  • shes wonderful, get this girl some professional tests!!

  • Lucille

    I like the last picture… the others are a little boring.

  • Sam Hessamian

    I shot Fardau last week. Awesome girl. Very nice and cool. Here’s one shot from the shoot, if anyone cares to see:

  • Oh my god!!!!! I have no words for this one! absolutely amazing

  • HH

    Weird…but 100% model material!

  • interesting face, love it!

  • I know her, she’s an awesome girl. Wish her all the best.