Elite Barcelona



Place of Origin:
La Havana, Cuba

Ethnic Origin:


How discovered:
I was walking on the street and Edgar, from Elite Barcelona, literally assaulted me…

Favorite things:
My laptop, my iPod and my iPhone.

Favorite music, band:
Maroon Five, Marc Antony and Latin music in general.

Playing tennis, travelling, going to the beach, hanging out with my friends…

Favorite piece of clothing:
I love my boots!

What’s your idea of fun?
Holidays in Cuba

Favorite modeling experience so far?
The first time I saw myself in a magazine.

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
I have no doubt… the people and the beaches!

Favorite artist (any kind):
Daniel Day Lewis

Place you would love to visit:
Rome, Milan, Venice & New York

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Being the best model of the world

  • harlow

    WOW :) He has everything to be a very successful model! so masculine and attractive.

  • A star is born.

  • guilherme

    love the body
    not really sure about the hair

  • hi there

  • If you ever make it to New York I know someone with your last name and since Betancourt is not so coming you might be related. He is also Cuban/Irish let me know and I will give you the information, he live upstate now but I am sure he like to meet a family member.

  • He’s going to be HUGE !!! Let’s hope that he have a great attitude and personality

  • Gael X

    He is the one who will retire Jon K ….. Go Juan !! Go!!

  • HH

    Niceeee!Cute and effortless!Hope he’ll be successful!

  • TomasG

    Hi is the best new face of the moment……just perfect!

  • Lelazh

    Hmm, smart, slight strong, model body, bright future! One thing: right breast muscles are bigger than left ones, seems used to jerk off with right hand. Not big problem though.

  • AriamML

    OMG! What a man! The most gorgeous i ever seen!

  • perfect physique! love the jawline.

  • Not on the guest list

    Wait!! he is cuban but he does not live in Cuba, because there is no way that he bought and IPod and an IPhone

  • AndresZ

    As he’s with Elite Barcelona & was scouted walking the street I’m guessing he lives in Spain. In fact, the “holidays in Cuba” quote makes it seem like he possibly has grown up in Spain.

  • If theres any model willing to travel and spend one season in Mexico City, please get in contact.

    Theres a lot of work here, from fashion week to commercial campaings.

  • Elijah

    @Lelazh — was that real? LMAO

  • ania

    On jest boski! Bardzo, ale to bardzo przystojny ;*

  • PARIS, would be his main target…

    BIG CONCERN ON THE SPACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FACE, on top where the nose starts, it loooks to deep, BUT theres nothing like calcium fillers wouldnt do

  • Joana

    Love him! :)

  • Mimi

    @ Lelazh

    He can jerk off all he wants because he is one sexy guy.

  • MargaritaFingers

    WOW WOW & WOW! The sexiest of the website! The only one who i could go out with… This man must to be the most close to God i ever met… Just let me crazy! Can i speak with him? facebook or whatever?

  • Wow, So cool

  • He is very sexy

  • very maskulin

  • bee

    yeah…jon kortajarena look

  • GP

    Hot new face. Hope he will be big!!!

  • ry

    he strangely reminds me of the actor andrew garfield

  • temi

    he is looking very coooool & Hot.
    i like his attitude level.
    he is a perfect model.
    wish u best luck juan…

  • I love boys with hair like that! He’s going to be a star for sure! xoxoxoo

  • You have a new fan!!!!!

  • Lelazh

    @ Elijah
    That’s true, I did research on this field, got good mark and impressive outcomes, lot of fun though, lol
    @ Mimi, you’re right there, he can do whatsoever, everything should suit him, even wanking :)

  • Lily

    wow…he is honestly the most attractive man I have ever seen!!! what great potential.

  • S

    I really like him. Even though I prefer the skinny edgy boys he he he.

  • Dino Vega

    Really kool and good looking kid , he es going to be in the top of the world soon,no doubt about it.

  • though he’s so skinny, but he seems so gentle. i loved him much

  • Maite

    Uffff!!! He is very attractive!!! 100% cuban!

  • Littlesparrow

    What a babe. Has a general Jon Kortajarena vibe about him that I love, hoping big things for him.

  • anindita


  • tefy

    I love his body and his face…im sure that he’ll be the next spanish top model….
    good luck boy!;) you are incredible!!

  • FRAN

    He is so handsome! I fell in love when I saw her picture, I swear!

  • Sophia

    Um, last name Betancourt, from Cuba? You’re definitely a long lost cousin of mine…

  • isa

    omg… he’s so handsome!!! wow. wow…. he’s gonna rock the catwalks.

  • Betancourt of Camaguey

    Hola Juan,
    Looking good!
    I am a Betancourt too!
    My family is from Camaguey, Cuba. Maybe we are related. how common in ‘Betancourt’ in Cuba? My cuban family now lives in the Philly area but inspired by his travels around the world, my great great grandfather build the tallest building in Camaguey (I believe that the penthouse at the top is now occupied by the government for look out purposes) and my great great grandmother is the poet Isabelle Esperanza Betancourt.

    best of luck to you in the modeling world!

  • Look like Julian Schratter!!

  • anonymous

    hes sexay