Model of the Week: Leila Jay


Select Model Management



Place of Origin:
Stevenage, UK

Ethnic Origin:
British, 1/4 Malaysian

Leo – rawww!

How discovered:
Scouted by Select in Topshop

Favorite things:
The radiator… this weather sucks!

Favorite music, band:
Battles, Crystal Castles…

Dancing, sketching pictures, pulling faces

Favorite piece of clothing:
This ring I wear on my thumb…

What’s your idea of fun?
Being strange, going crazy ;)

Favorite modeling experience so far?
Shooting with Mofo

What’s the best thing about your hometown/country?
It’s boring! But that gives me drive and inspiration to get out there and do something totally ace…

Favorite artist (any kind):
PJ Harvey

Place you would love to visit:
Some undiscovered world

Currently you’re obsessed with/about:
Good music… Loud!

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  • Julie

    Sweet Jesus

    Just breathtaking. Long time I haven’t seen such a stunning new face

    I so wanna see more shots with her

    good luck

  • gomez isab

    Tall and lean with an athletic build yet a dancer’s grace, she also has that baby doll face that can exhibit both angst and serenity. I wish her good luck!

  • Ed

    She’s gorgeous, reminds me of Lily Cole, face shape wise. Ok, here’s the funny thing. MALAYSIAN is not an ethnicity.. I’m from Singapore, Malaysian is a nationality =.= Is she trying to say Malay?? If so, wow, that’s exotic. English and Malay blood.

  • deee

    cooooooooool, much more different than the others! love her

  • great body! – My blog ABOUT NEW FACES

  • deee

    aaaaand i had a shooting with mofo too:D im on his facebook next to the profile piccss:D

  • She looks amazing, so is her body. I like her dolly presence with that little edge.

  • stace

    Cool. I like. And her legs go on forever.

  • Ella

    omg *_*

  • Wow! She’s great!

  • Mimi

    That was a really cool pose with her leg up in the air.

  • HH

    super interesting girl!!!!and yeah,maybe she was trying to say malay…she’s quite funny too

  • She has the look! Can’t wait to see more!

  • this girl is amazing…cant wait to see what 2011 brings her! best of luck Leila!

  • I like her. She’s a mixture of Wixson and Gustavsson.

  • She looks incredible. Her face is so unique and interesting – she looks like a super hot pixie. I’d absolutely love to shoot her.

    Given that Leila obviously hates UK’s freezing winter weather I think Select should send her to New Zealand ASAP – it’s warm and summery down here!

  • Yasmin

    in the 3rd pic you can see her scaaaary skinnyness!! otherwise i like her face… it#s fresh and not so boring!

  • BMD

    I hate that term…scary skinny…is it scary for those that are not skinny?

    She’s super cute – great facial expressions.

  • T

    British isn’t an ethnicity either. It’s a kingdom. I’m just saying.

  • Alevtina

    Very,very beautiful face))

  • Marcus

    She’s a lovely girl, and I am lucky enough to be dating her mum !

  • Eric

    Holy Wow. She is a goddess of beauty! PERFECTION!!!

  • Adrienne


  • Very beautiful face! She’s really elegant!!!

    Those lips are <333! Reminds me of Georgina's stunning lips! :)

  • scarlett

    amazing !!!

  • Mesha

    Gorgeous face.

  • dduddi

    she has very wonderful body~!
    hairstyle gooooooood~~~~~~~~~

  • Antonio Nunes

    OOOOOOOOO sooo ,sooo beautiful

  • OOO very cute, has that Lindsey Wixson appeal.

  • Antonio Nunes

    Scarlett johansson melhorada

  • Antonio Nunes

    Scarlett johansson improved

  • chignon

    totally gorgeous.

  • Those eyes! Great features.

  • sara


  • wow:) I’ve seen her on the select website and I was very impressed, I love the shape of her face. She has good bone definition and yet her face is still a lovely round shape. Her legs go on forever, that’ll benefit her. I agree she looks like a doll, but with an edge. Hope she goes far, she seems a nice girl and she has amazing taste in music. Good luck :) -suppose you could check it out if you like a good old ramble.

  • Alexandra S

    this person, loads pictures from Leila Jay on lookbook!
    do you think it’s a face?

    greetings, Alex

  • sabrina Bella

    Love her, love her, absolutely LOVE her!!!!!