Their mother is the iconic 90s supermodel Nadja Auermann. Now Cosima and Nick Auermann intend to bring the same kind of uncompromising beauty to the fashion world.
This is Auermann 2.0!



Describe each other in three words:
Nick about Coco: Strong, loyal, funny
Coco about Nick: Loyal, crazy, creative

When was the first time you can recall becoming aware of fashion and/or the fashion industry?
Cosima: I have always been interested in fashion, but I’ve never seen it as a source linked to the industry. Fashion was reflected in my everyday life, by the way that I dressed… I’ve always been a little different from the others and had a lot of fun playing dress up and creating outfits – playing with colors. My best friend and I did indeed also play catwalk… My mom would put books on our heads and teach us how to do it, more out of fun than anything else. The first time that I became aware of the fashion industry was when I was about 10 years old. This was the first and also only time I’ve seen my mother walk a catwalk. She took my brother and me with her to Paris to a Louis Vuitton fashion show. We were allowed backstage and had someone who took care of us. Backstage I met my godmother Naomi [Campbell] for the first time. The whole experience is something that I will never forget; all the people, my mother and Naomi walking, the music etc.

Nick: I don’t think that there was that one thing that made me aware of the fashion industry, as much as that it just always was there. When other children talked about their parents’ jobs it was only my mom’s job, nothing special at that time. Of course, I recall events that showed me more about the fashion industry, that gave me more insights into what is happening behind the scenes, yet it was always already there.

Is there a story that your mother has told about her days as a model that is a favorite or has stayed with you?
Cosima: She told us a lot of stories. I can’t really recall one memory specifically. It’s more a general feeling that evolved from her tellings. Things she had to do, the people that she worked with, the places that she lived in – which also influenced us (me) in my upbringing, especially the first half of my life so far.



What is your best or favorite childhood memory of each other?
Cosima: My brother and I would visit our grandparents annually. There we would do a lot of outside activities and in general, spend a lot of time together. I remember how he and I would lay in bed in the afternoon, we always rebelled like crazy against the afternoon nap… So we would play a lot, and he would tell me the coolest stories, which he spontaneously made up… And in the end, we did fall asleep.

Nick: There was this one time we were in an amusement park with our grandparents. Obviously, I was a tough boy who wasn’t scared of the rollercoasters at all, so I told my sister that we should go on one. I was hoping she’d say no and that I’d be the cool guy who would have went if it wasn’t for his sister. But then she said yes, and I was scared as hell. The ride in front of us got stuck in a loop, therefore it closed for a while until it was fixed. Long story short, we ended up not going on the ride, and up until now I didn’t have to admit how shocked I was, and I could make fun of my sister for not going on the ride as soon as it was fixed, even though I was too scared to go in the first place.