Our ongoing series The Board highlights carefully curated newbies from a singular agency.
KMA is all about keeping it close. The agency’s small roster is a collective of family and longtime friends, with a chosen few welcomed into fold only if their vibe is right. And, in trademark Moss style, that vibe is all about an innate coolness and irreverently imperfect beauty.
Photographer – Elliott Wilcox / Stylist – Jessica Daolio (assisted by Sun Ah Chun and Catalina Scabini)
Hair – Adam Garland for Authentic Beauty Concept / Makeup – Amy Brandon using Mac Cosmetics.

The Board


Name: Margot Howell
Age: 16
Hometown: Dorking
How discovered: I was scouted in my local supermarket.
Best feature: I’m super chatty.
Fun fact: I can say the alphabet backwards!

Name: Louis Baines
Age: 22
Hometown: London.
How discovered: Introduced to the agency through a friend.
Best feature: My crazy energy.
Fun fact: I’m obsessed with reptiles.

Name: Stella Jones
Age: 16
Hometown: West London
How discovered: I’ve know Kate since I was a baby, modelling has always been something I’ve been interested in.
Best feature: Eyebrows.
Fun fact: My favourite thing to do in my spare time is painting, I find it so relaxing and therapeutic.

Name: Samer Rahma
Age: 17
Hometown: Kings Lynn, Norfolk
How discovered: I was scouted by KMA on Oxford Street whilst stood waiting around for my sister to finish shopping.
Best feature: I reckon my smile.
Fun fact: I own a donkey in Sudan! LOL

Name: Lila Moss
Age: 16
Hometown: London
How discovered:
Best feature: Fresh faced.
Fun fact: I collect candles, my room is full of them!

Name: Wolf Gillespie
Age: 17
Hometown: London
How discovered: Friend of the agency.
Best feature: Loyal to the bone.
Fun fact: My greatest role model in life is Larry David.

Name: Elfie Reigate
Age: 19
Hometown: London
How discovered: By Kate, my lovely godmother.
Best feature: My toes. They’re really flexible so I can use them like hands.
Fun fact: I was expelled from ballet age 3!

Name: Sonny Hall
Age: 21
Hometown: Kensal Rise
How discovered: I was first scouted at a gig and joined KMA a few months ago.
Best feature: The scallywag gene.
Fun fact: I was obsessed with Marilyn Manson when I was a kid and used to dress up as him.

Thanks to Chelsea Price. Models wear clothing by Filippa K, Weekday, Lee, American Apparel, Levi’s, Converse & Serotonin vintage.

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  • Just Italian

  • double m-by miguel

    I don’t understand it, because the list of models is very small, and Kate Moss must have many contacts in the fashion world, right?

  • These are the new gang. Look out for each other. Enjoy this time. Take care. Cool profiles. Thank you for sharing. Kate and KMA rules OK.

  • Lily

    Yes, but she’s Kate Moss and Kate Moss does things the way she wants. She could be running an agency of three models and that would be just brilliant.

  • Love everything :)

  • crazy reach but i adore kate and have wanted to model since birth. check me out! IG: @beatr.z

  • Marie lolika

    I love modeling, I modeled when I was a little kid in my hometown. Check out my insta @marielolika