Gisele and Vida. Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette. Edward Enninful and Ru. The fashion world is full of iconic animal companions. For these LA-based models – a mix of new faces and more established names – their pets are both an obsession and a source of comfort. Shot exclusively for by Amy Lidgett.

Dominique, Peanut & Pumpkin

Model: Dominique Cahill @ Wilhelmina
Pet(s): Peanut – Three-and-a-half year old black, white and tan male guinea pig; Pumpkin – One-and-a-half year old orange male guinea pig.

How long have you had your pets?
Peanut for 3.5 years and Pumpkin for 1.5 years.

In what ways are you and your guinea pigs alike?
We are both sweet and squeak when startled.

What is the story behind Peanut and Pumpkin’s names?
Peanut was so little when I got him, I called him Peanut. Peanut’s brother was Pepsi, but Pepsi died right before Halloween two years ago. Guinea Pigs are very social, so you should always have them in pairs. We got Pumpkin right after Halloween to keep Peanut company and named the new guy after my love of pumpkins.

Do the boys have an IG account?
Not yet!

Which celebrities do Pumpkin and Peanut most resemble?
Pumpkin is Dodger baseball player Justin Turner. Peanut is his own man.

What are their most eccentric traits?
Peanut jumps like a popcorn kernel popping when he is happy. Pumpkin likes to sit on top of his house and whistle when I bring him lettuce.

If your guinea pigs had access to your bank account what is the first thing they would buy?
Peanut and Pumpkin love lettuce like candy, so they would definitely buy all the lettuce.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
They taught me it is hard to be responsible for something so vulnerable. They also entertain me when I am feeling down or stressed out and just need some cuddles.

Lucas & Blu

Model: Lucas Bin @ VISION Los Angeles ()
Pet(s): Blu – Five year old female pitbull/black labrador.

How long have you had Blu?
Since she was 8 weeks, so almost 5 years.

In what ways are you and Blu alike?
We both get very attached to our loved ones, I guess that’s partly why we’re so close.

What is the story behind Blu’s name?
My sister always wanted a dog named after Blue from Blue’s Clues. I honestly can’t remember how the ‘e’ got taken off.

Does Blu have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Blu most resemble?
I couldn’t say because she’s very devoted to the people that she cares about and I don’t think I know the private lives of any celebrities. She seems to have great emotional understanding and is always making sure other’s are happy so I’d compare her to some sort of mass spreader of love and peace if I had to. A celebrity with a very pure heart.

What are Blu’s most eccentric traits?
She’s an obsessive licker. She doesn’t stop licking. She will lick something until it’s completely wet.

If Blu had access to your bank account what is the first thing she would buy?
She’d install a doggy door to my room so she wouldn’t have to scratch and wait for me to wake up in the middle of the night when she falls asleep on the couch. Or maybe some clothes… she really wants to be human. She tries to act like us.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
It’s taught me a lot about responsibility and caring for those that trust and rely on me, but more than that her unconditional love and lack of hatred is a very beautiful thing and is something to follow as close as I can. She’s a very special being.

Mia & Pluto

Model: Mia Rae @ VISION Los Angeles
Pet(s): Pluto – Two-year-old male Ball python.

How long have you had Pluto?
Two years.

In what ways are you and Blu alike?
We can both be quite aloof, and we both have blue eyes.

What is the story behind Pluto’s name?
I named him Pluto after the asteroid that was once a planet because even though you hardly ever see him, he still exists in space.

Does Pluto have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Pluto most resemble?
He’s got moves like Shakira.

What are Pluto’s most eccentric traits?
His whole life is a game of hide and seek.

If Pluto had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
A tropical vacation.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
He brightens my day every time I get home and he pokes his head out to greet me in his own way.

Jung & Beru

Model: Jung Yun @ Photogenics LA (Los Angeles)
Pet(s): Beru – Seven-year-old male corgi/sheltie mix.

How long have you had Beru?
One year.

In what ways are you and Beru alike?
Sometimes we both sleep with a little bit of our eyelids open.

What is the story behind Beru’s name?
Origin unknown.

Does Beru have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Beru most resemble?
Snoop Dogg.

What is Beru’s most eccentric trait?
His not-so-innocent side eyes.

If Beru had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
Bottomless food bowls.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
It has taught me how my life and choices do not only affect me but family and friends around me in an everyday way.

Brynn & Jerry

Model: Brynn Jones Saban @ Photogenics LA (Los Angeles)
Pet(s): Jerry – Ten or eleven-year-old gentleman mutt (Bryn says, “I did one of those DNA tests and it said that he is a Toy Fox Terrier, Lhasa Apso, Border Terrier and Shar Pei.”)

How long have you had Jerry?
Almost 7 years.

In what ways are you and Jerry alike?
Lazy days are our favorite days! But we both also love a good days work. Jerry always goes into work with me at my shop (Aralda Vintage), he even has an ‘Employee of the Month’ plaque on the wall that my friends made for my birthday.

What is the story behind Jerry’s name?
He is named after Jerry West; the Lakers are a big deal at our house! The name tag on his collar even has the Lakers logo on it.

Does Jerry have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Jerry most resemble?
George Clooney. He loves the ladies and the ladies love him, he is very distinguished and has that salt and pepper thing going on. One of his favorite places is the Photogenics agency where he mingles with the all of the models- I guess in that sense he’s more Leo DiCaprio.

What are Jerry’s most eccentric traits?
Physically it would be his Dr. Seuss-like toe hair. Personality wise, he is very aware of everything and emotionally intelligent. He’s always able to detect my next move when I open the door to where I keep my pajama pants, he smiles ear to ear and jumps around my room with excitement. When I spend time in my makeup drawer, he knows I am getting ready to go out somewhere and he gets really depressed. He is also terrified of wind.

If Jerry had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
I would think that he would buy pajama pants for me and a really soft blanket for himself.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
He has helped my anxiety a tremendous amount and I think I’ve helped his. It’s the age-old question of “who saved who?” – Jerry was a next day kill at the shelter and I can’t express how important it is to adopt (don’t shop!) your pets.

Amy, Bambi & Shogun

Model: Amy Hixson @ VISION Los Angeles
Pet(s): Bambi – Five-year-old female mix hound; Shogun – Ten-year-old male mix Maltese.

How long have you had your pets?
Since they were young pups, I got Shogun right before I moved to NY and had to sneak him into model apartments.

In what ways are you and your dogs alike?
Shogun has blond ears so I think we have similar haircuts. Both Bambi and Shogun exhibit different traits of my personality; Bambi can be shy and cautious while Shogun is outgoing and energetic.

What is the story behind Shogun and Bambi’s names?
Bambi looks and acts like a Bambi would, it was very obvious that should be her name. Shogun’s name is because of the novel Shogun by James Clavell.

Do they have an IG account?
Nope but a hashtag #Shognasty

Which celebrities do Bambi and Shogun most resemble?
Bambi is Julia Roberts while Shogun is definitely the Luck Dragon from the Never Ending Story.

What are their most eccentric traits?
Bambi whines, a lot! Happy or sad, she whines. Shogun is an obsessive licker, he could lick a spot on the couch for hours if you don’t distract him.

If your dogs had access to your bank account what is the first thing they would buy?
Bone marrow bones.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
It’s made me very responsible and it has made me take them into consideration when I move and live places; having two dogs is hard in NYC, easier in Los Angeles!

Portia & Meadow

Model: Portia Ferrari @ Photogenics LA (Los Angeles)
Pet(s): Meadow – Eight-year-old female goat.

How long have you had Meadow?
I have had her 6 years.

In what ways are you and Meadow alike?
We both have kinda a shy personality but both have a fierce side.

Does Meadow have an IG account?
No IG account.

Which celebrity does Meadow most resemble?
Courteney Cox; they both have short legs.

What are Meadow’s most eccentric traits?
She really hates dogs, whenever there is one in the yard she chases it down.

If Meadow had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
A big sunny farm with a pretty farmhouse she would get to live in, and a bunch of almonds.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
She impacted my life when I got to see my first live birth in my own back yard.

Alana & Clyde

Model: Alana Greszata @ VISION Los Angeles ()
Pet(s): Clyde Drexler – Four year old male Bombay cat.

How long have you had Clyde?
I adopted Clyde when he was 3 months old, about a month after his accident. He survived being caught in a car engine. He had to have part of his leg and tail amputated. Fortunately, he bounced back in no time and in high spirits. His good attitude won him a lot of head rubs and extra attention from the nurses. In the end, his big personality outshined his disability and he was stealing hearts in no time! He’s been stealing my heart for 4 years this coming Halloween and still growing strong! He’s the Salem to my Sabrina!

In what ways are you and Clyde alike?
Apart from the obvious cat naps and snuggles, we have a lot in common! We both love to sip on hot water and tea. Sometimes I’ll catch him drinking my leftover coffee or wine! He has quite the refined palette.
Clyde is also a bit of a social butterfly. He loves to be around people and hates to miss out on any action at the house. In human terms, I would say we both get a case of FOMO!

What is the story behind Clyde’s name?
We named him after the legendary basketball player Clyde Drexler! His nickname playing was “Clyde The Glide”.

Does Clyde have an IG account?
Yes! @clydedrexlerthecat

Which celebrity does Clyde most resemble?
Clyde is dark and handsome and gives very powerful sexy stares. He also enjoys sipping hot water from the shower – maybe it’s similar to being on an intense date with Idris Elba over English tea!

What are Clyde’s most eccentric traits?
“No other cat has a swagger like Clyde!”
Clyde is missing part of his front foot and since has invented his own unique little strut! He hobbles and hops around like a bunny. His stub doesn’t quite reach the floor so he waves it up and down as if he was dribbling a basketball. It is a big part of how we came up with his name Clyde Drexler.

If Clyde had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
Clyde would probably buy some drones to carry out his bird watching obsession.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
I believe our pets have a deep spiritual purpose in our life. They are there to remind us of the important things in life. To be present, to be grateful, to love ourselves. When we lose sight of our magnificence, they remind us of it.
They are our greatest teachers and cheapest therapists.
When I’m feeling down, going through a difficult time or grieving a loss, my pets have this way to calm me down and comfort me unlike anything or anyone else. They embody the most powerful source of unconditional love and there is no greater healing.