Features: Meet the pets ruling the lives of these LA-based models

Gisele and Vida. Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette. Edward Enninful and Ru. The fashion world is full of iconic animal companions. For these LA-based models – a mix of new faces and more established names – their pets are both an obsession and a source of comfort. Shot exclusively for MODELS.com by Amy Lidgett.

Dominique, Peanut & Pumpkin

Model: Dominique Cahill @ Wilhelmina
Pet(s): Peanut – Three-and-a-half year old black, white and tan male guinea pig; Pumpkin – One-and-a-half year old orange male guinea pig.

How long have you had your pets?
Peanut for 3.5 years and Pumpkin for 1.5 years.

In what ways are you and your guinea pigs alike?
We are both sweet and squeak when startled.

What is the story behind Peanut and Pumpkin’s names?
Peanut was so little when I got him, I called him Peanut. Peanut’s brother was Pepsi, but Pepsi died right before Halloween two years ago. Guinea Pigs are very social, so you should always have them in pairs. We got Pumpkin right after Halloween to keep Peanut company and named the new guy after my love of pumpkins.

Do the boys have an IG account?
Not yet!

Which celebrities do Pumpkin and Peanut most resemble?
Pumpkin is Dodger baseball player Justin Turner. Peanut is his own man.

What are their most eccentric traits?
Peanut jumps like a popcorn kernel popping when he is happy. Pumpkin likes to sit on top of his house and whistle when I bring him lettuce.

If your guinea pigs had access to your bank account what is the first thing they would buy?
Peanut and Pumpkin love lettuce like candy, so they would definitely buy all the lettuce.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
They taught me it is hard to be responsible for something so vulnerable. They also entertain me when I am feeling down or stressed out and just need some cuddles.

Lucas & Blu

Model: Lucas Bin @ VISION Los Angeles ()
Pet(s): Blu – Five year old female pitbull/black labrador.

How long have you had Blu?
Since she was 8 weeks, so almost 5 years.

In what ways are you and Blu alike?
We both get very attached to our loved ones, I guess that’s partly why we’re so close.

What is the story behind Blu’s name?
My sister always wanted a dog named after Blue from Blue’s Clues. I honestly can’t remember how the ‘e’ got taken off.

Does Blu have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Blu most resemble?
I couldn’t say because she’s very devoted to the people that she cares about and I don’t think I know the private lives of any celebrities. She seems to have great emotional understanding and is always making sure other’s are happy so I’d compare her to some sort of mass spreader of love and peace if I had to. A celebrity with a very pure heart.

What are Blu’s most eccentric traits?
She’s an obsessive licker. She doesn’t stop licking. She will lick something until it’s completely wet.

If Blu had access to your bank account what is the first thing she would buy?
She’d install a doggy door to my room so she wouldn’t have to scratch and wait for me to wake up in the middle of the night when she falls asleep on the couch. Or maybe some clothes… she really wants to be human. She tries to act like us.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
It’s taught me a lot about responsibility and caring for those that trust and rely on me, but more than that her unconditional love and lack of hatred is a very beautiful thing and is something to follow as close as I can. She’s a very special being.

Mia & Pluto

Model: Mia Rae @ VISION Los Angeles
Pet(s): Pluto – Two-year-old male Ball python.

How long have you had Pluto?
Two years.

In what ways are you and Blu alike?
We can both be quite aloof, and we both have blue eyes.

What is the story behind Pluto’s name?
I named him Pluto after the asteroid that was once a planet because even though you hardly ever see him, he still exists in space.

Does Pluto have an IG account?

Which celebrity does Pluto most resemble?
He’s got moves like Shakira.

What are Pluto’s most eccentric traits?
His whole life is a game of hide and seek.

If Pluto had access to your bank account what is the first thing he would buy?
A tropical vacation.

How has having a pet impacted your life?
He brightens my day every time I get home and he pokes his head out to greet me in his own way.

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