In an ongoing series of features, newfaces has selected multiple newbies from a singular agency to highlight. Oui, beauté! From Argentina to Inner Mongolia, the development board at Marilyn Agency (Paris) is made up of women from disparate backgrounds with one common trait: beauty with an unconventional twist.

Photographer – Clem Arti
Stylist – Sarah Chervet
Hair & Makeup – Louisa Trapier

The Board


Rui Qi
Name: Jiang Rui Qi
Age: 19
Hometown: South of China
How discovered: By my mother agency Longteng model agency.
Best feature: I’m creative and imaginative.
Fun fact: I like dress designing and sewing clothes for myself.

Name: Karina Dziuba (but actually I’m Karyna)
Age: 19
Hometown: Industrial city in eastern Ukraine – Kharkiv
How discovered: Scout found my photos on the social media and invited me to the casting where I met my future agent.
Best feature: I would like everyone to say that my best feature is my eyes that change color with different lighting from brown to green, but let’s be honest, everyone thinks that this is my very long neck.
Fun fact: My mother was offered to become a model in 1998, but she decided to finish her studies at the university instead.

Name: Polina Lomzheva
Age: 18
Hometown: Saint Petersburg
How discovered: Once a freelancer ran into me in the subway in Russia.
Best feature: My superpower is my deep, magnetic and hypnotizing glance. What is more, my ears are my precious [feature]! When I was a child I hated them, but now I understand that they’ve turned me into someone special.
Fun fact: In terms of my artistic personality and drama class experience, I’m really adaptable, and therefore I’m able to transform into any character required.

Name: Oluwakemi Angela Kayode
Age: 20
Hometown: Osun State, Nigeria
How discovered: I was one of those people that’s aspiring to be a model and finally, I met someone who gave me an opportunity and also built me up to the standard of how to be a good model and I thank God that my dreams come true.
Best feature: I’m an open minded person, adventurous and willing to learn new things from people, jovial but when it comes to work I love to be professional.
Fun fact: I love to work [and] never want to stay at home a bit. I like being a busy person all the time.

Name: Camila Graef
Age: 24
Hometown: Puerto Rico, Misiones, Argentina
How discovered: I went to the agency where my sister was working (because I have an older sister who is a model) and, as I had some time, I thought “why not try?”. Anyway, they had seen me in a street in Buenos Aires two years before.
Best feature: I’m an entrepreneur, determined, I choose what I want and I do it. Adventurous, curious, simple and understanding, although sometimes a little distracted.
Fun fact: Love travelling.

Name: Milou Kleuters
Age: 16
Hometown: Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
How discovered: On Instagram when I was 16 (this year).
Best feature: I have two different colors of eyebrows and lashes. I am a happy and possive person and I see always the good things in life.
Fun fact: Love dancing, baking, drawing, painting and decorating.

Name: Huangbaiyang
Age: 21
Hometown: China – Inner Mongolia, Erdos
How discovered: On the street by my mother agent DYC.
Best feature: Beautiful smile.
Fun fact: Love travelling, singing, drawing and calligraphy.