In an ongoing series of features, newfaces has selected multiple newbies from a singular agency to highlight. Say “Tere!” to the eccentric cast of Estonian new boys from Sage Management, Tallinn.

Photographer – Lucie Hugary
Stylist – Ivona Yvon
Hair – Rimi Ura

The Board


Name: Tony Harak
Age: 18
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
How discovered: First time I was scouted in Tartu, when I was 16 years old. But at that moment, I didn’t to react on the proposal. After a year, when SAGE was just launched, Aleksei reached me again and I agreed to meet up. Aleksei and Kristina came to my home town, where later I decided to give it a shot!
Best feature: I’m crazy and artistic person. I love people. I’m always making happy everyone around me. As the song says – Don’t worry, be happy :)
Fun fact: People call me Super Tony, as I’m always ready to help every person till the problem is not solved. No matter if I know you or not!

Name: Ilja Sizov
Age: 16
Hometown: Johvi, Estonia
How discovered: I was contacted by Sage, right after I’ve subscribed on their instagram account.
Best feature: I think that’s my Scandinavian mixed with Slovenian type of look, with my long blond hair (which I cut shorter few months ago).
Fun fact: I’m always panicking. Sometimes even for no reason.

Name: Alan Solonchuk
Age: 17
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
How discovered: It was a funny story, actually. On my way back home after a hard working day at my dad’s working place, I was approached by a girl (scout from SAGE) to try myself in modeling. So that I did!
Best feature: It’s a bit difficult to judge myself, but I think my best feature that makes me in some way unique, is that I’m always being kind and friendly to everyone.
Fun fact: I’m always trying to analyze all situations before they happen. That’s what my father teaches me.

Name: Madis Kuik
Age: 18
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
How discovered: A while ago I was scouted on Facebook by my agent, when I was at the age of 15. After a year I decided to remind them about myself and that was worth it!
Best feature: I guess that’s my big green eyes!
Fun fact: I wear soni cap all the time.

Name: Jass Reemann
Age: Freshly 17
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
How discovered: My agent scouted me in a grocery store. That was a surprise!
Best feature: I’m always optimistic and open-minded. I don’t like making plans, I like to go with the flow.
Fun fact: Not only do I love being infront of a camera, I also love being behind it. I’m a young passionated film director who loves telling compelling stories through my films. And my older sister was also a model :)

Name: Paul-Hendrik Piho
Age: 21
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
How discovered: I was scouted on the street. But I only joined Sage’s team a year after. And I’m very glad that I made my choice!
Best feature: Maturity
Fun fact: I am obsessed with eating Snickers!!

Name: Kirill Astašev
Age: 16
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
How discovered: I was hanging out with my friends at the mall where later I was scouted by my agent.
Best feature: Definitely my curly hair and quite long dark eyelashes.
Fun fact: I dislike playing sports competitively!

Name: Argo Tali
Age: 18
Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
How discovered: I was scouted through Instagram.
Best feature: I think my best feature is that I’m very down to earth and always very confident in myself. And of course my red hair!
Fun fact: I love cats <3

Name: Arthur Dominic Must
Age: 21
Hometown: Tallinn, Estonia
How discovered: I was scouted through Facebook!
Fun fact: I love to help wild creatures. I have raised 5 squirrels!!

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  • Lily

    Well I’m glad another Estonian agency is doing well. Because of the lack of will effort or resources, all the Finnish male models are “stolen” by the Swedish or German agencies, doing Calvin Klein, Prada and Balenciaga. Finnish agencies are not much to begin with, during the past 15 years they’ve only managed to give the world Suvi, two years of Kirsi and the very random career of Saara. In the meanwhile we’ve had Carmen, Tiiu, Karmen, Katlin, Elisbateh, Alexandra and so many more.