In an ongoing series of features, newfaces has selected multiple newbies from a singular agency to highlight. Say hi to the women’s new faces board at Premier Model Management, London — these are the girls ready to be launched during the Spring/Summer 2019 season.

Photographer/Creative Director – Paul Rowland
Studio Stylist – Saranne Woodcroft
Location Stylist – Lucy Bower
Production – Simone Barten
Hair Stylist – Cathy Ennis
Makeup – Bunny Hazel Clarke
Digital Technician – Louis Headlam
Photographic Assistants – Phil Bradley & Matt Lloyd
Stylist Assistant – Emily Gallagher
Hair Assistant – Rachel Bartlett

The Board


Name: Selma Lunde Fjæstad
Age: 21
Hometown: Melbourne
How discovered: My friend’s mum used to work for Chadwick Models in Melbourne and she scouted me!
Best feature: My eyes
Fun fact: There are only a dozen people in the world with my surname!

Name: Kukua Williams
Age: 22 (April 17th)
Hometown: Huddersfield.
How discovered: I was scouted at a music festival in May this year. I was celebrating the end of my exams and it was the last thing I expected to happen – but I’m so glad it did!
Best feature: I would say my best feature is my hair. It took me a while to embrace my natural Afro, but now it’s part of my identity and it is always a talking point.
Fun fact: I love to write. One creative outlet for me is by blogging. I currently write a blog about what it’s like to be mixed race in 2018, and general life experiences growing up being from a mixed heritage background.

Name: Iona Anderson
Age: 19
Hometown: York
How discovered: I was wandering around a small seaside town called Scarborough eating an ice cream about to go to an outdoor concert when Bunny, a Premier scout, approached me!
Best feature: Probably my huge mane of ringlets
Fun fact: I can tap dance to a professional level and my ultimate goal in life in the end is to end up a paediatric nurse.

Name: Ikram Abdi Omar
Age: 22
Hometown: Bristol, but live in London now
How discovered: Scouted in Bristol
Best feature: Eyebrows
Fun fact: I’m a henna artist.

Name: Iris Du Bois
Age: 16
Hometown: Brixton
How discovered: On a train to Bournemouth with my family
Best feature: My head shape ;)
Fun fact: I’m into heavy metal and rock and am currently in the process of starting a band!

Name: Lily Hutchinson
Age: 19
Hometown: I’m from Perth, Western Australia
How discovered: I was scouted three years ago while hanging out in my friend’s vintage store after a day spent at the beach.
Best feature: My eyes, it’s the first thing anyone notices when they meet me
Fun fact: I was born in Broome, which is a tropical beach resort town at the top of Australia. Then my family and I moved to a closed mining town in the northern goldfields of Western Australia which was nearly 1000 kilometers (620 miles) from the coast. That was a huge change but my favourite childhood memories are from growing up in the outback of Australia.

Name: Edie Rae
Age: 19
Hometown: Faversham, Kent
How discovered: I was out for lunch with friends in Canterbury and my scout, Simone, happened to be out for lunch at the same restaurant. She came over as she was leaving, gave me an email address and that was that.
Best feature: My eyebrow scar or dumbo ears
Fun fact: I love Rugby! Up until last year I had played Rugby for 8 years, representing Aylesford Bulls and Kent County (captaining in my 2nd year at County and last year at Aylesford).

Thanks to Rosie Ware and Caroline Gledhill.