Sydney, Australia is known for its beach culture and beauty. We sent out another casting call to get to know the new boys currently calling this town home.



Jimmy Freeman

Agency: Kult Australia (Sydney)
Instagram: @jimmy_pizza
Notes: Jimmy is from Calgary, Canada, but moved to Sydney three years ago. He owns a dog named Tilly and in addition to modelling he works at a denim store.


Izaak Deklerk

Agency: Chadwick Models (Sydney)
Instagram: @izaakdeklerk
Notes: Izaak got scouted through a model friend. He’s from the north-western suburbs of Sydney and occasionally works at his father’s construction business.


Matt Devlin

Agency: IMG Australia (Sydney)
Instagram: @matthewdevlin
Notes: Matt is from Melbourne, but got scouted whilst drinking at a hostel in Budapest, Hungary. In June he plans to travel to London to model.


Joel Lumbroso

Agency: FiveTwenty Model Management
Instagram: @j0eleo
Notes: Joel grew up in Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach area. He’s recently been modelling in Japan, and was scouted four years ago at a bus stop whilst running late for school.


Tristan Tymen

Agency: THE.mgmt (Alexandria)
Instagram: @tristantymen
Notes: Before he became a model Tristan was working as a cook in his hometown of Lyon in France. He got his start when he signed up for the Elite Model Look contest. After modelling he’d like to open his own restaurant.


Harrison Musumeci

Agency: IMG Australia (Sydney)
Instagram: @harrimusumeci
Notes: Harrison is from Manly in Sydney’s Northern Beaches area. His dad is a kickboxer, and Harri started boxing at age 6. These days, though, he’s more into mixed martial arts (but doesn’t practice much due to modelling).


Jules Le Tutour

Agency: THE.mgmt (Alexandria)
Instagram: @julesletutour
Notes: Jules is from the West of France, and got into modelling through his older sister, Josephine Le Tutour. Before that he was working as a server in a restaurant.


Hugh Burry

Agency: IMG Australia (Sydney)
Instagram: @hugh_burry
Notes: Hugh got scouted on Instagram. He claims his special skill is being able to remove every item of clothing while his hands are tied behind his back. He’s from the state of Victoria in southern Australia.



Agency: THE.mgmt (Alexandria)
Instagram: @damdbs
Notes: Damien moved from Paris, France to Sydney and was working as an extra on Pacific Rim 2 when he decided to try modelling.


Chris Theo

Chris Theo

Agency: IMG Australia (Sydney)
Instagram: @christheo1
Notes: Chris is from the Gold Coast in Queensland. His mother was a top model so he was introduced to the fashion industry at an early age. He waited until he was 16 to start modellng.


Photography – Kay Sukumar