From Arkhangelsk, Russia, Olga was discovered after filling in a form on the AL Model Management website – one of their scouts, Tatiana, then invited her to Moscow for a test shoot. A dedicated snowboarder, Olga has already been signed to Women Direct NY, despite being extremely new. Expect to see more of Olga in 2011 – this snow princess from the White Sea is white hot!


Full Name:
Olga Romanova

176cm / 5′9″
84 cm / 33″
58 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Arkhangelsk, Russia

Date of Birth:
December 28


Mother Agency:
AL Model Management

Women Direct

  • gomez isab

    I like the first and third test shots–a sort of “ice princess” flair.
    She’s probably very young, so she will have no problem growing an inch or two taller :)
    and nice blue eyes!

  • sandy

    very pretty but nothing special

  • Martikax

    wauww!! the first picture love it!

  • From the very first moment I saw her she became “my fav Romanova”…. hehe :)
    Btw seriously, it’s not just because I’m not mad about Kristina: I simply like Olga a lot. She’s great, I love her mere presence (her solid beauty / body), I’m confident about her potentialities – and I think she’s going to develop a lot and pretty fast.

  • kic

    beautiful eyes!

  • matteo

    wow…simply amazing!

  • Lisa Taylor

    She’ll go far.
    Very pretty.
    I wish i had her as a sister . . .
    xoxo – L

  • Russian girls are so delicate!

  • Love.

  • Mimi

    This girl is beautiful.

  • Very pretty, but I have seen it before.

  • natasha

    i agree. pretty but what else?

  • @MissB I have a cat, and when I go home I think “Phew, I have seen you before”… wait, or maybe not, ’cause Ciccio is pure and irresistible cuteness! hehe :)

    Seriously, Olga is imo absolutely noteworthy and interesting… I think there is plenty of other models with a more classic and kind of anonym beauty, and especially with less potentialities. Give her a little time, the chance to build a solid book, and wait for the magic to happen.

  • Yasmin

    cute but nothing spectacular… she’s not outstanding.

  • Caitlin Sharp

    Such elegance and poise! She hits you from the moment you see the picture! There is definitly great plans ahead of her.

  • Woow! She is gorgeous!

  • Love her facial structure and those eyes are killer!

  • wow…simply amazing!

  • Dahlia

    Miss B and Yasmin always write the same “umm its okay but not good enough ” bullshit on every new face commentary. Frankly its getting old.

  • deee

    no, i think Miss B and Yasmin are right:D she looks like the other 45719853654645 russian model.

  • Alevtina

    In Russia the most beautiful girls))))))))))

  • Ella

    I’m one hundred percent sure she looks better than yasmin Miss B and deee all together:)

  • Nigel S

    inspiring beauty

  • just classic beauty on spot

  • tabea wonnebauer

    beautiful! i saw the 1st picture and was just like “wow!” i love her features so much. i wish i looked like her (:

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