Hailing from the north of The Netherlands, Frisian beauty Mirthe was discovered while shopping with her mother by Micha of Micha Models, who was in Friesland on a sailing holiday with her family. Mirthe is a classic beauty with a feline grace. Almond shaped blue eyes and killer cheekbones framed by blonde locks – Mirthe is more than memorable. It seems that Doutzen won’t be Friesland’s most famous model export for much longer!


Full Name:
Mirthe Visser

Dark Blonde
178cm / 5′10″
83 cm / 32.5″
64 cm / 25″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
June 7


Mother Agency:
Micha Models

  • She looks really cute and commercial, I think she looks perfect for Tommy Hilfiger.

  • lovely look. I adore the freckles and eye shape.

  • I think she looks stunningly beautiful! how prodigious-netherlands really got them all !

  • She’s adorable! Love the last picture!
    Hope she gets big..

  • Noticed her for some Yorick Nube shots, I pretty like her… even if I’m more hopeful for the future, than because of the “here and now”.

  • nice

  • Francesco

    i really really really like her face!!!
    so sweet !!!

  • cellerosvision

    10pts….out of 10…

  • Shannon

    I think she looks a little too young! I almost feel bad about seeing her in revealing clothing, I just want her to go back outside and play or something :/

  • What a gorgeous impish face! Her colouring is wonderful and those eyes simply sparkle! Very nice proportions… Mirthe is a rare find!!!

  • Yasmin

    She’s cute but her jaw/jawline stands too much out in my opinion, it’s a bit distracting…

  • Mimi

    She is seriously beautiful, probably on the inside, too.

  • scarlett

    She is so cute and love her natural looking ,Also her freckles too . I mean she’ll be good in energetic and warm concept

  • I love the freckles!!! :)

  • diana

    very cute

  • Perfect for Abercromie!

  • tomo

    im sorry but this is wrong, as beautiful as this young girl is Im shocked that a girl who looks around 12 years old is being touted as a model and posing in a bra.

    the fashion industry is SO messed up! included!

  • eduardo a.


  • K

    I think she doesn’t realize how pretty she is. I love the pic where she has her hair down. Lovely.

  • Marjolein

    @tomo She’s not 12… I know people who had such a young looking face in spite of they were 17 or so.

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