Daily Duo: Slava



Ultra masculine newcomer Slava has a look reminiscent of late 90s super male model Ivan de Pineda. From Kiev, Ukraine, but now based in Moscow, Slava got his editorial kick start with a story in this month’s Russian Harper’s Bazaar. Slava is a new spin on romanticism, with a profile that could inspire an avalanche of Mills and Boon novels. With loads of personal style, the world will soon become a smaller place for this lucky lad.


Full Name:
Slava Deryabin

Dark Brown
185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Birth:


Mother Agency:
Ultra Models

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  • Nina

    i saw roger federer in him.. i don’t know why
    he’s good looking

  • I see Mirte Maas in him, but in a man version. I don’t know why, but he just REALLY reminds me of her!

  • justin

    Oh Man! I like this face…. ah..

  • My congratulations Slava
    you’re great!

  • Erika

    Hello Slava….. LOL this kid’s absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Laufey

    Oh my, he is just stunning!!!

  • Seraphine Angel


  • oh God, he’s REALLY beautiful, in a classy and edgy way! i love the brunettes…

  • Nikki

    He’s good looking!
    Hope will see more of his works soon!

  • Harlow

    I can see the roger federer in him too.
    I don’t really like his chin, but i wish him all the best.

  • He is so cool!!!

  • Andy

    =)ооh, it’s a very perspective model!

  • Elena Novak

    Slava!!!You have so intresting and beautiful face!You are the best)

  • Lena

    Neobychnaya vneshnost’…mogu s uverennost’u skazat’…chto etot mal’chik odnajdy proslavit Rossiu, kak russkaya top model’…govoru ne goloslovno…a kak chelovek otdavshii etoi professii dolgie gody…

  • Anastassia

    OMG! He is so charming!!!

  • Successes to you!

  • It has a future!

  • His look reminds me of paperback Vampire romance novel cover.

  • alex

    oh..what an unusual appearance!
    go to NY!!it will be yours)

  • Anastasia

    He is unreal.Handsome and sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anastasia

    I love this picture!getting older he’ll become more and more handsome and sexy

  • Victoria

    First of all,i should say that your fotos are really marvellous!!)
    You’re going to make a great career in this sphere of business))
    I wish u good luck and it’ll be the right choice))

  • Eva

    I sincerely believe in him and in his great future. This guy will surprise you !!!

  • Marat


  • Alina

    beautiful eyes:)

  • Yulia

    I think this man will be star very soon!

  • Great face! I love his personality!

  • Outstanding face! Should be a star soon

  • Dasha

    Mmm… very nice boy))
    beautiful face)

  • Glitzy

  • Alice Gutkina

    Wonderfully beautiful model! He’s exellent!
    I’d like to wish him a brilliant model career!

  • kornea

    i love this style man:) see you soon slava in milano)))

  • Slava is fantastic!))

  • He look nice and beautiful

  • Tania

    oh? my heart is broken…u are handsome and u make me crazy!!!!

  • HH

    Wow his eyes and brows are perfect for his face!!

  • Alexandr

    That’s what was supposed to appear in “Twilight”

  • Mariya

    The most beautiful man I`ve ever seen in my life!

  • Marina

    You’re doing great…looking gorgeous ))
    Wish u luck =)

  • катя

    he’s my countryman .. such a beautiful)

  • Excelente modelo,ademas es perfecto…
    muy bello