Daily Duo: Madelene



Another super Swede has entered the scene. Madelene initially began modeling at the age of 15 but only recently has the spark truly been ignited. Now a little older and wiser, she was spotted by agent Toni from Brand Models (the man behind Kirsi Pyrhonen) in a test shoot by young photographer Jesse Laitinen. Currently in London with Elite, with her blonde elegance, killer body and incredible versatility (this girl can do anything!), we know it’s just a matter of time before Madelene hits her mark.


Full Name:
Madelene de la Motte

Dark Blonde
178cm / 5′10″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Linköping, Sweden

Date of Birth:
October 2


Mother Agency:
Brand Model Management

Elite London

m4 models

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  • WAUW. Very interesting looking model.

  • frodo

    stunning body, boring face.

  • Joe Smith

    Very nice.
    Very captivating eyes.
    would love her in front of my camera!

  • Richard Haffar

    I actually prefer this “look for Success” style.

    Sincerely, Richard Haffar

  • Simbli

    Hmmm Im not sure yet about this girl. Anyway I like her on some pics especially polas, but that beauty picture (with green eye-shadows) she looks really bad…

  • Wow! At first glance, she looks like a typical girly-girl, but looking at her face, you realize that she has a lot of boyish androgyne. Not a boring girl at all, she could (and hopefully will) be huge come Fall/Winter 2011. Goodluck!

  • Erika

    Like but don’t love…. there is just so much incredible blonde competition these days (i.e. Daphne Groeneveld)that I just don’t know if she can measure up. Nice body, though.

  • Yasmin

    She def. does not have a boring face but I still just can’t get warm with it…
    I’m not a fan.
    She looks sooo much like Hana Soukupova!!!!

  • alessafan

    Her face screams Hana Soukupova

  • Cecilia

    This girl is the best you can get.
    Not only is she stunning and fantastic in front of the camera (and I mean FANTASTIC), she also has the best personality.
    Love her to bits.

    Know she will be huge.

  • One of the best Swedish girls I’ve seen in recent years.

  • natasha

    I agree with other comment about stellar blonde competition at this time from Daphne G, etc. Typical face. Looks like Hana S but Hana S had something more. I see typical model work but that’s all.

  • Seraphine Angel

    I can’t agree with ‘boring face’…her face is as adorable as her body.

  • jacq

    she wuld look better with brown hair

  • hector parra


  • M

    suvi k. with the face shape of sarah jessica parker

  • Lucia

    Madalene, don´t listen to them, you are gorgoeus :) Very beautiful, interesting and both editorial + commercial!

  • …i like her.


  • Subnormal Magazine

    Madelene has a rare, beautiful look, amazing body, and great presence. Any pro photographer or publisher will recognize that she has a very interesting, unique, lovely face and figure, and shoots wonderfully. Fortunately the fashion and beauty market is determined not only by what sells, but by the daring, risk taking leadership of visionaries and creative leaders, rather than the mopey meanderings of bored bitchy blokes. Hats off to Madelene! You rock baby!

  • scarlett

    She is beauty but needs to learn lips!! Her lips are a little bit unnatural.

  • fashion_fiend

    I notice Swedes are typically rather androgynous, i like it. her eyes are very lioness looking & sensual.

  • Richard Haffar

    must be very talented at this time..
    just checking back after all these years & years!

    very great.