Daily Duo: Carlos



With a look that transcends “pretty boy” beauty because he has an edginess that makes him interesting, Carlos is a former pro athlete who is now passionate about modeling. Discovered when he entered a model contest on the advice of a friend, Carlos will head to Italy in January to tackle the Milanese market. The places he most wants to visit, though? NY and Tokyo. Make it happen!


Full Name:
Carlos Ferra

183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Beja, Portugal

Date of Birth:
September 19


Mother Agency:
L’Agence Group

I LOVE Models Management

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  • He could use a haircut, but I love his face, and body. He definitely has potential.

  • saffo

    very masculine and sexy!

  • Neri Neker

    wow, that poor eyes could be changed into the killer eyes. well, u have a great look, sharp chickbone, sexy mouth and perfect body. well, what should i say? u are trully model.

  • Mimi

    I want him to have my babies!

  • James K.

    Wow,what a boy!!He’s amaizing,he’s going to rock it!i will love to see hum in milan on january!

  • Sarah

    I Love his look!Great body,sexy lips and an amaizing cheekbone structure,he’s definitely designed to do Great!

  • NOAH

    WHAT!!! if i saw this guy in person i’d collapse. HE’S SO SEXY. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM IN MILAN, PARIS, NEW YORK… MY BED.. uhhhhhhh what?

  • Loan

    He’s with Major in Paris too….I saw him there,Def One Boy to Watch this year!

  • fashion_fiend

    wow smexy! but looks a little similar to Elijah Woods imo