Daily Duo: Sean F.



Scouted at Somerset House in the heart of London, Sean is a totally new, completely beguiling new face from m&p models. A fan of indie rock and clubbing, we were immediately attracted to Sean’s artfully idiosyncratic look and spirit, which pulsates in his shots. It’s undeniable – Sean is a fox!


Full Name:
Sean Fox

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
October 5


Mother Agency:

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  • very Bernardo Bertolucci

  • Sean! You made it on models.com, nice to see your doing well!

  • Lforlove

    pow..what a face

  • Matimus

    Beguil. Haha.

  • Eamon

    As odd as it sounds he reminds me of Honor Fraser!

  • Jamie

    I really like him!

  • Julie

    he was with FM two-three years ago….

  • Raquel

    He has Anne Hathaway eyes, not sure if it’s working for me though.

  • Imm

    He will be in the next issue of fashion156.

  • James

    He’s Great !I Love him!

  • Wayze and Muntz

    What a catch with a rich icyness to him. Gorgeousness.

  • What an amazing face with such large haunting eyes! His slim physique is very forgettable but with a face like that who needs Pecs? lol

  • saffo

    he looks like many models from Germany, that skinny type so not really unique sry

  • Yasmin

    Absolutely gorgeous xx

  • Dave

    What a babe ;)

  • jim

    i love the look. the eye,s, wow