This Friday is all about freckles – and Helge has plenty. Hailing from Hamburg, Helge is the latest signing to Place Models, an agency we have to give snaps to for the diversity of their scouting. This pale boy may not be everyone’s ideal of male beauty, but we’re loving his strawberry blonde hair, quiet elegance and interesting awkwardness.


Full Name:
Helge H.

Strawberry Blonde
186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Date of Birth:
August 1


Mother Agency:
Place Models

  • Zoe

    he is gorgeous, his skin tone and lips, aw hes amazing *-*

  • susana

    Love those pictures,so clean and simple and beautiful.Cool look!

  • S.

    He looks very interesting. I’m loving his features, specially that nose of his. I think he’s got a lot of potential. Let’s wait and see what happens.

  • jluc

    I like it that his… entirety takes on an interesting color. Pale, but definitely not dead.
    Interesting, really

  • Manuel

    The place touch! I always look forward to see their new founds.

  • Mimi

    Was he drinking Kool- Aid or something before the shoot? Haha.


    beautiful boy- perfect!!!i love his look!

  • Trish

    is he an albino

  • He’s grata but i don’t like his hairstyle.

  • jinx

    He’s gorgeous! Very striking.

  • M

    Trish albinos have absolutely no color whatsoever. He has freckles strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. How is THAT an albino?

  • Luscious lips!

  • E

    His coloring reminds me of Ron Howard in Happy Days.

  • janice

    he is soo cute!

  • Manuel

    Add his agent Yannis Nikolaou on facebook.Love his facebook page

  • Valeriya

    He really good!
    he has very beautiful eyes
    he is beautiful
    good luck
    You will become a star:))

  • adrianito

    I don’t like his hair when it seems like humid

  • Deee

    does he use lipstick? anyways he is fucken interestng

  • alla

    He is beautiful!

  • Lynn

    his colour is very unique:)

  • DonnaK

    He is ethereal! Love him!

  • elda


  • Sabrina

    is he wearing lipstick?:D

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