Incandescent beauty Valeriia is about to show the kids back at high school in Moldova just how wrong they were. Convinced she could never be a model after being teased at school about her looks, Valeriia was scouted when she got noticed on the Russian equivalent of Facebook by a model. Now signed with Game in Paris, Premier in London and Why Not in Milan, we’re pretty sure that Valeriia is going to be the ultimate success story by the time her high school reunion comes around.


Full Name:
Valeriia Karaman

Dark Blonde
177cm / 5′9.5″
78 cm / 30″
59 cm / 23″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Bendery, Moldova

Date of Birth:
August 15


Mother Agency:
Mappamondo LTD

Game Model Management

Why Not Model Management

Premier Model Management

Iconic Management

Stage Tokyo Model Agency

  • Martika



    i think this girl is beautiful :) and im shocked that she got teased by kids at school :0! what stupid assholes :)

  • So Beautiful

  • buci

    …I am speachless—she is a GEM!!…pure gorgeous…one of th Best Newcomers you ever posted here…
    best of luck 2 her,I m sure she will do VERY WELL.

  • She looks great, she can certainly laugh at those who teased her before. I am excited to see what she will bring us.

  • fahion taste

    breath taking

  • Yasmin

    She’s so cute! Like a puppy… :)

  • I have to say she’s interesting, but… imo if you take a look at her book, in some pics she really looks great, but a lot of times she seems quite ordinary and not that much outstanding. I honestly don’t know if this is about “what she is”, or about “what she may not be anymore” with some development, we’ll see… but she’s very young, and she will do well for sure – after all I’m pretty optimistic.
    PS btw who teased her must have been silly for sure! ’cause about “Valeriia the girl”, well, she certainly is such a cute and lovely girl. :)

  • BD

    Stunning! Why was teased in school – jealousy? Or was it because she is tall and thin? 10 years down the road when all the other girls are fat and the guys have pot bellies, they are going to dread she wasn’t their girlfriend.

  • Erika

    Incredibly beautiful….. what were those schoolkids thinking? They’re eating their words now for sure! love it….

  • grusha

    nice girl! whish her a good luck;)

  • Mimi

    Her eyes are very striking.

  • stace

    Teased in school?
    Laugh all the way to the bank, girl. Love those eyes.

  • Mango

    She looks amazing.

  • Aaron

    No way this girl was teased, and if so the line for apologies will be out the door. Great bday btw

  • Natasha K

    cant believe she got teased at skewl. shes not even akward looking at all…i hope she gets the heck outta Moldova, shes awesome looking

  • maddie

    Can’t believe she was teased, she’s gorgeous!

  • someone

    Ah, she is really pretty

  • wow!very nicee

  • Ave

    She looks very promising! Beautiful girl! Can’t believe anybody could think she isn’t.

  • Can’t wait to see how she will progress.

  • jk

    mix of abbey lee, and a past past o2w jayelle hudson

  • ,me


  • Rachel

    Ahh Natasha K (comment 16) and stace (comment 13) you guys made me chuckle and im totally in agreement…shes such a babe :) how in heck could ppl tease her?!! her eyes are FAB!!!

  • Cece

    i can’t believe she was teased.But ofcourse it’s jealousy she is gorgeous!Can’t wait to see what she can do later on.

  • ad-honorem


  • this is nice!!!. moldova is one of the MOST POOREST AND DEPRESSING COUNTRIES IN EUROPE… its realy nice that modeling has helped these simple humble familes, espceialy inga girl whose suffring from school bulying

  • Mała Mi

    She is beautiful. I’m jelousy! ;)

  • HH

    Why the hell would her schoolmates teased her?? I don’t understand!! They’re jealous maybe. Her eyes is captivating. She’ll do great!

  • M

    Theres no reason to stereotype and insult a whole country because of this very ignorant/narrow minded of you Prussia.

  • Totaly agrees with you, M :)

  • EVE

    Beautiful fresh face! I hope for the best for her.

    BTW Prussia I would work on your spelling/grammar if I were you instead of coming up with insults. What a joke! By insulting Moldova you are insulting her.

  • Moshiur

    She is really a gentle lady…………!

  • jason

    Very inspiring beauty

  • SHE SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL OMG !!!!!)))))) why i did not scout her((
    she well be a START soo.

  • She’s awesome!

  • Annie

    So beautiful; how did people find anything to tease?
    She, as well, was one of my characters. Another of my dearest ones.
    I’m hypnotized by those eyes. :)

  • sveta

    таакаяя прекрасная