Daily Duo: Breton



Boy racer Breton is an ex professional skier who was scouted at a small festival in the UK. From his blue eyes to his perfect chin, Breton’s face is simply beautiful, so it should be no surprise to learn that he’s already shot with Alisdair McLellan. More proof that Britain is becoming the go-to place for gorgeous.


Full Name:

183cm / 6′0″

Place of Origin:
Chichester, UK

Date of Birth:
May 22


Mother Agency:
Select Model Management

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  • One of the most beautiful polaroids I’ve seen!

  • Looks great


  • I totally agree with you , he is damn pretty! I already love him

  • jane duval

    and i’m his Scout! Watch this space..)

  • la

    such a beauty! omg..

  • what ever happened to bulk? this beautiful little boy is tiny!

  • Augusten

    it’s a little odd to talk about bulk from a girl who’s blog is skinnygossip but Male modelling is much more about athleticism or very lean rather than bulk. I’m a working model in NY and my waist is about 25′ and the rest is pretty lean. They want me to be small, it’s what’s in. Captivating model though!

  • ramir

    he looks like garrett neff

  • Jennifer

    He is simply eloquent. From that brown hair and blue eyes….almost never see it! Dreamy. He looks honest and strong. Can’t wait to hear him speak. I’ll bet he’s very intelligent.

  • jluc

    I go for the darker hair.
    I have to agree, facial features sort of remind me of Neff.

  • jaime

    whats with the donald trump hair

  • olpicture

    i see Ralph lauren and Burberry…