Daily Duo: Dimitris



And now for someone a little bit different! A nod towards athletic, all male good looks, Dimitris is from Athens and has been modeling for a year now. Often cast in editorial as the male accessory (and who wouldn’t look good with him on their arm!), we now think it’s Dimitris’ time to shine. Dimitris has been featured in Greek Vogue and VMan, not to mention a bunch of Greek publications, campaigns, and even television. Welcome to the spotlight Dimitris – all eyes on you!


Full Name:
Dimitris Alexandrou

Dark Brown
189cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:
Athens, Greece

Date of Birth:
May 13


Mother Agency:
VN Model Management

d’management group

Next London

Mega Model Agency

Le Management

Cape Town:
Base Model Agency

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  • Marry me please!

  • bountyhanggoro


  • Dimitris

    Not impressed. There are millions of men like him. Nothing special about him

  • emi

    Greek God !!!!!!!!!!u r shinning DIMITRIS !

  • m.

    you are the ONE AND ONLY !!!!!!
    U DESERVE EVERYTHING … thank u 4 living with us angel!

  • emi

    GREEK GOD !!!!!!!

  • am

    he is the best example …that Greek Gods are alive …very good face with shapes excellent body ….and very pretty smile .

  • emi

    thank u for living in this world !

  • M

    he is PER FECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vicky

    hi dimitri(comment no3),
    send us your photo to see if u are better than this guy .no one can say that this man has nothing special!he has everything…body,face,look…
    what more are you loking for !!!!?
    don’t be jealous …

  • Mimi

    Jesus Christ. You are a gift from God.

  • Yowza!

  • Finally, a real man rather than a withering waif! Dimitris has the perfectly carved features of a true Male Super Model with a very interesting and chameleon-like ability to fit into any visual situation! What a pleasure to once again see a male model with a masculine physique rather than a slim girlish figure!

  • sam

    my god, he’s the man

  • md.

    i would say MODEL OF THE WORLD !

  • nat

    amazing callar bones, great body. i’m not into his face, but he is good looking for sure

  • antonella

    is it a consequence that most of the comments came the same date and within few minutes from each other? don’t think so.. let’s get it straight. there are million of men outside who have exactly the same look of him. there’s nothing special in this guy. the body doesn’t make the model nor the face. he’s not marios lekkas after all with the unique eye look and face structure.

  • Shoniqua

    He is a handsome man, but he is not a model. Sorry.

  • Dimitris

    @ antonella Finally….

  • eli

    well he is handsome guy in the editorial shoots,he looks kind of a Model,in the snap shoots he looks very normal,I´m not really impressed not eaven his body,

  • nice commercial look

  • amazing and very interesting face


  • “Commercial Face”? “Not special”? “Million guys who look like him”?
    So, what about Clint Mauro, Noah Mills of Michael Gestottner or dozen other guys who are (or look) over 24 and started to shave already? Are they “common”? I don’t think so! It’s just a matter of time, one can’t stay Andrej Pejik forever, even Danilya has a beard and looks like a man now. And so will all these teenage pretty boys.

  • jluc

    Very manly indeed.
    Have to agree with Peter O, guys like Mauro, Mills, Gstoettner, (and may I add) Ballou, and Gandy are not common. Neither does he look like these guys. A unique and interesting male model altogether.
    He could go far with the right opportunities.

  • Yasmin

    What a macho man!! He’s the complete opposite of those skinny-pale-androgyn-skandinavianlooking male models … xD

    (I’m sure… Christy turlington on his t-shirt ;). And what’s about those ugly chipped nail polished fingernails? ugh!)

  • Evan

    He is the new man, new fantasy, love beyond. SO much better than the waifish teen boys in every mag. Adore him. Much success!