Daily Duo: Mariya M.



Oh, how we love the smell of potential in the morning! Mariya from Kiev is just outstanding. Already signed with IMG in NY, Miss Mariya has got The Look. Get ready to see a lot more from Mariya for a long time to come. Pure perfection!


Full Name:
Mariya Melnyk

Dark Blonde
177cm / 5′9.5″
81 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Kiev, Ukraine

Date of Birth:
July 1


Mother Agency:


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London

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  • franck

    she’s so sweet
    she looks like a taller version of Jessica Alba

  • I love ur height and sweet looking face. girl u are great. take care. sweet baby. love u.

  • Wauw!

  • Lucia

    Wonderful! Beautiful symetric face which can be both commercial and editorial.

  • Simbli

    I love her polas! She is so young, fresh, very beautiful, charismatic!

  • What a great model. Russian girls rock!

  • She’s GREAT

  • Ukrainian model!!!

  • perfection girl! realy beatiful! FANTASTIC!

  • She’s REALLY amazing! Crazy eyes, and features and MEGA expressive!

  • Really, she’s beautiful!

  • She’s so cute!!!

  • S.

    She seems like true potential to me. Good height, great face and her hair is just ridiculous, so ethereal. And the thing I like the most about her, is the fact that she looks like she’s really going for it, and she knows what she’s doing. Going through her pictures, I’m loving her facial expressions. The angry stare is fantastic, and so the calm distant one. I hope she does great, and I can easily picture her in the runway. We could use a brown-eyed Russian girl!


    Amazing mouth!

    She’s DDG.

  • Anonymous

    Sigrid and Keke’s lovechild

  • I see both commercial success and hf editorials. If she can nail both, she will probably be one of the biggest success in the new generations;) I am excited to see her making it happen.


  • she has gorgeous eyes…

  • Natasha K

    Absolutely EXCELLENT!!!!!!

  • Yasmin

    Breathtaking beauty!

  • o

    o my god……..

  • Jojo

    She looks like a young, model version of Piper Perabo

  • She’s beautiful indeed

    http://focusonthem.blogspot.com – My blog about New Faces ;)

  • Mark Shapiro

    LOOK, She is UKRANIAN girl, not russian! Place of Origin:
    Kiev, Ukraine

  • AMAZING! my mind is blown

  • Augusten


  • loren

    the most beautiful girl i have seen in awhile

  • HH

    Her mouth is her best feature I think!Loads of potential this girl has!

  • Tiger

    Ideal girl!!

  • Awesome face + hair.
    I like the pictures a lot.

  • Lu

    Hmm…she’s interesting…and I’m not saying its a bad thing. I actually would love to see more of her. She definitely has something about her thats very intriguing.

  • Lin

    hollywood sentinel is not the sharpest tool in the shed as their is a big difference between Ukrainian and Russian. It’s like calling an English person Irish or an Italian person French.

  • Outstanding. She looks absolutely stunning. Send her south!


  • Clementine

    looooooove her, she’s gorgeous!!

  • mo hit

    i m speech less bcw i m gon mad when ever i see she

  • adsfjl

    I think she looks somewhat like Sigrid but I also see Lara Stone’s mouth in some of the shots, especially the first one. Beautiful!

  • What an enchanting waif! She has that Kate Moss quality. She’ll go far.

  • madisonblake

    shes amazing