Daily Duo: Hamza



Hamza is just so handsome. Hailing from Tangiers, he was scouted whilst working as a commercial model in Spain. Now signed with Icon, the idea is to make Hamza the first internationally successful male model from Morocco. A perfect body and completely beautiful face means that this plan is more than likely. Humdallah!


Full Name:
Hamza Lahboub

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Tangiers, Morocco

Date of Birth:
December 16


Mother Agency:
Icon Barcelona

Independent Men

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  • lauryn

    He reminds me of Prince!

  • Gabrie Fielt

    Love him.
    But I kinda noticed there isn’t any glimp of teeths? why is that?

  • Phil

    hahaha^^ he definately IS Tafkap xD
    no way, that must be the young prince
    but has a strong look, like him!

  • Erika

    He is so gorgeous, it’s almost rediculous. A star without question……

  • Nina

    he’s so nice.. i like his name too HAMZA

  • hamza

    I’m Princee?? Whattt!!, OOHH!, I’m will Smith!, jejeje!

  • Yalla Hamza!

  • Soukaina

    Moroccan version of Prince !! Guapo !!

  • hi,
    i really like his styles but he has hair on his chest otherwise everything was fine

  • HH

    Look at his eyebrows WOW definitely going to show what a handsome Moroccan is!!

  • E

    He looks very intense.

  • Ana

    Hamza es maravilloso, tiene mucho potencial, y estoy segura que puede llegar a convertirse en el primer modelo con proyección internacional de Marruecos. Conozco muy bien ICON Barcelona y si hace caso a su booker, podrá conseguir todo lo que se proponga con esfuerzo y dedicación.

  • jluc

    Interesting face. I don’t think there are many models out there who look the same. Or at least not many who give off that same… vibe.

    Wishing he’ll go far.

  • Richard

    I never saw a model as Hamza … he’s amazing !!!!!!

  • DM

    Givenchy??? he is hot!

  • leslie

    esta me encantaaa :)

  • fan

    so cute

  • leslie

    jajajajaja <3 guapo!

  • honey gueco

    he is just gorgeous he has the face of my favorite actor jonathan rhys meyer.
    what can i say i saw him in person. gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!!!!!

  • Aa


  • A..

    He’s sexy!

  • Au

    Hamza com triomfas no?XD

  • oh my god he’s soo sexy ! , i wish for him all the best !