Daily Duo: Alesha



Alesha has just graduated from high school and has a strong yearning to travel. Scouted by Andrei Honkko, Alesha has been signed to Elite Milan & Mad Models Spain, so it’s just a matter of sorting out his visas (a never ending challenge for Russian models), and he’ll be off around the world. Alesha has never seen the ocean, but by the looks of his jaunty aqua flip flops, it seems he’s ready to dip his toes into international waters.


Full Name:
Alesha Stchotkin

Light Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Moscow, Russia

Date of Birth:
October 5


Mother Agency:
Andrei Honkko

VNY Model Management

Elite Milan

FM Agency

Mad Models

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  • beautiful eyes, promising career! best of luck :)

  • minh

    same expression over and over again :-!

  • super great model here,
    great look and he can go really, really far,
    will be great for film too if he ventures in to that,
    who ever is booking him just please make sure
    he gets more sleep and eats well

  • Lauryn

    wow! gorgeous

  • Phil

    Does anyone of you also think that in the last polaroid he looks kinda like Mathias lauridsen?

  • Mimi

    He has very nice eyes.

  • franck

    he is special

  • Erika

    Rediculously gorgeous!

  • Looks great


  • matimus

    Am i the only one whos wondering whats up with the wraps on his arms? And why they would show them so much in a test shoot?

  • beachboyy101

    Very nice eyes!!

  • Eamon

    Beautiful boy

  • ANDY

    a new male model to watch!

  • Anastasiya

    I love him. He reminds me of George Craig. He is really going somewhere. Удачи!!!

  • Phil says:

    October 27th, 2010at 7:58 am

    Does anyone of you also think that in the last polaroid he looks kinda like Mathias lauridsen?


    I’d too think that he looks a bit like Mathias Lauridsen especially on the third picture.

    Gorgeous model we got here! – bright future. Good luck.

  • E

    His eyes are amazing.

  • HH

    His eyes…almost unreal! This boy will go far though need to practice with variety of expressions.

  • He has an amazing gaze that looks right through. Great for togging.

  • Lu

    He has beautiful eyes, that’s about it. The face is pretty standard, nothing too unique about it. Doesn’t know how to model as of yet, repeated expression. Hopefully, throughout time he will grow and learn more as some models do.

  • elle

    He is gorgeous his face isn’t standard Lu!

  • jluc

    A face that could sell. Definitely mainstream. Many other guys out there who sort of looks like him. But who cares. He looks amazing.

  • Jazz