Daily Duo: Polett



Discovered back in June, Polett was scouted at a regional shopping mall in Hungary. Polett is tall and has a beauty with some edge to it. After competing in a model contest she was quickly signed by Nathalie Paris, and is already generating interest from the best end of town. Keep an eye on this kid!


Full Name:
Polett Pulay

Dark Blonde
179cm / 5′10.5″
84 cm / 33″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Eger, Hungary

Date of Birth:
May 11


Mother Agency:
VM Model

MC2 Model Management

Nathalie Models

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  • Anna

    what’s with the frown?

  • Great face, some of her test shots are great. Though, I don’t understand whats with all those frowning, it makes half of her test shot seem angry.


  • bss2010

    hot hot hot :D

  • yes I agree. The “frown thing” makes me diskling the polaroids…
    the tests are very impressive though… very strong :)

  • zahid

    she is anger lady
    every pics lkie to fight us
    but pretty

  • stace

    And why post such a redundant statement as the girl is tall? Of course she will be tall. We know by now that tall girls are preferred, or we can tell from their stats.

  • I have to say I generally think… polaroids/digitals should be most natural possible, so something like this “Are you stealing my boyfriend?!” glare (hehe sorry, first thing came to mind…) is not best choice imo – and maybe in this case especially.
    Btw a pretty reliable beauty for sure.

  • Simbli

    Does she have just one face expression??? Needs to learn how to work with her face…

  • Ahhh, why is she so angry all the time? Haha, who in the heck told her to do that, it looks not good.

  • shes beautiful and great body, i wish her well

  • matimus

    i feel like she is told to make that face because in actuality she is not edgy, more commercial, and her agents are trying to market her as something that is not there in her polaroid when she relaxes her face. Just a really gorgeous girl.

  • she reminds me of Elsa Sylvan with more anger

  • Yasmin

    She’s great! I love her look! In my opinion she’s giving to often the “mean look”, and they showed her boobs to often…
    But she’s definitely going to be big!

  • Polett is an incredible find, she has MASSIVE potential as a model and on screen and is going to be a HUGE star with the right team. What a great look, incredibly beautiful.

  • nat

    in some pics her eyes remind me of sara blomqvist. there’s too much of frowning though

  • loren

    pretty but SAME exact expression in every photo…boring

  • vabi

    brown eyes and blond hair…!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool…!!!!!

  • mukesh sen

    i am sure she is so beautiful
    and she will be on the top places one day ,, she is perfect model ,,,
    i am also model, fashion designer and film maker in India ,, i know all things

  • Mimi

    What’s with the forced pissed off look in her photos?

  • theDeq

    love the features

  • JKLI M


  • She looks serious and boring at the same time.
    Something is definitely her angry, may be the photographer?

  • Hm.. She’s got the same face. It’s pretty annoying but she will probably fix it.
    Hope so.

  • The same face on all pictures, of course.

  • Mesha

    She’s beautiful. Reminds me of Karin from Fever Ray lol http://www.zmemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/feverray.jpg She’d look good with that white make up on too.

  • Stepha

    I don’t like the whole angry thing going on. She is so much better without it!

  • She is beautiful in her polaroids without the frown. That expression is really distracting for me. I’d love to see more photos without it though.