Already placed (exclusively) with Ford Paris, new guy Sascha is another gorgeous native of Hamburg, Germany. This thrill seeker, who has Argentinian heritage as well as German, is into bungee jumping and parachuting. With no fear of heights and an incredible look, reaching the model stratosphere ought to be no problem for this very beautiful boy.


Full Name:
Sascha Weissenborn

189cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:
Hamburg, Germany

Date of Birth:
June 26


Mother Agency:
Quantum 7 Model Management

Ford Models Europe

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  • jamie

    i’ve seen better photo then this.maybe he looks good live

  • In some photos, he reminds me of MariaCarla. The problem is he only gives one expression.

  • Susi

    Very cute boy. I love his lips ;)

  • Leo

    he should do something else with his hair , less boring . but he has a nice face, he just doesn’t stand out in my opinion

  • zahid

    he is nice to look

  • Syd

    Love the beauty mark just beneath his eye…I could see that catching on!

  • juan

    great lips and nose, but the eyes are dead.

  • Laura

    Sweet :P Best Luck

  • nice Crying Game, Kiss of The Spider Woman look here

  • June

    great bone structure as well, i agree that the eyes seem dead. hes debatable

  • jason

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love his eyes and his lips especially.

  • dancing_amazon

    Be patient, he is new, he has to work out what he can do with his face…but I like him so much, he looks so some pics I thout it is a girl…

  • jluc

    Good facial structure… shots show nothing else though
    I want to see him doing something more unusual and creative