After seeing him every morning for a year at the train station, it wasn’t until Lessandro got a short haircut that scout Ruben Debuck spotted this young Belgian’s full potential. From Gent, Lessandro has an aristocratic vibe, with his lean, elegant frame and aquiline nose. A big fan of the classics, Lessandro is restoring an old sailboat which he is planning on using (along with a motorcycle) to see the world. But the adventure on the seven seas will have to wait now that Lessandro is placed with Why Not in Milan and MGM Paris, and his world wide travels are about to begin.


Full Name:
Lessandro Reyniers

Dark Blonde
186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Ghent, Belgium

Date of Birth:
October 6


Mother Agency:
New Models Agency

Marilyn Agency

Why Not Model Management

  • HH

    WOWWW just WOW!Look what different haircuts can do this guy!He’s high fashion!Now he’ll have to travel by planes..=D

  • amazing and very interesting face

  • He looks so preppy.I love it!

  • Lovely face and the way in which he was discovered is very interesting.

  • jluc

    Yes, yay for the short haircut

  • Awesome face!

  • lilith

    How beautiful he is!

  • Debbie

    wow, look at his expressions, so powerfull and amazing !!
    love it!

  • I just did a casting with Lessandro, we booked him for a very special top secret project featuring a super hot designer collaboration… he’s lovely!

  • sascha

    New, fresh, awesome!