Johanna has just spent the summer in New York with IMG (who she is signed with worldwide). Sensational hair colouring and perfect skin set this Swede apart. Johanna has the ability to be transformed in editorial and this versatility is a great commodity. Yet again the Swedes have scouted a winner!


Full Name:
Johanna Fosselius

177cm / 5′9.5″
81 cm / 32″
62 cm / 24.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
September 16


Mother Agency:


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London

  • I would love to see her in more editorials. Her test shots are amazing!

  • Lauryn

    wow! she’s absolutely beautiful

  • Narcisse

    Lucia,are you insane ?!

    She’s thin and she looks good.I love her hair :)

  • haha person I’m chatting right now, at Stockholms Gruppen dotes on Theres (@ IMG too – booked well these days), a model (at the moment) I’m honestly not mad about…
    Johanna is… I don’t think her mere presence is her strong point, despite I personally like her height and what I think will be of her structure with a little time… but I love her “red pout” and soft expressivity so much! even face features / skin are peculiar but pretty interesting imo… and makeup, heavy or not, simply loves her face.

  • stace

    Love her. Of course, I’m always partial to a redhead. She rocks every photo.

  • tby

    she is stunnig….i like a mcqueen girl …..very beatiful

  • Erika

    Very beautiful, unusual. Has that same type of exotic redheaded look as Cintia Dicker.

  • CarolG

    She reminds me Milagros Shmall in the 9th photo, AMAZING GIRL! I love to see dif styles from time to time, Im getting tired of the blond beauty with no expression… they all look the same to me! GO JOHANNA GOOOO!

  • KN

    She looks stunning with the various editorials in a bit of make-up that tones down her skin shade and many freckles. Otherwise I am not too fond of the albino look naturally. I know it is suppose to be a part of the appeal, but it doesn’t appeal to me.

  • Bored

    The nose is an issue for me.

  • clear

    curious fire total look! impressive

  • harlow

    very expensive look! oh and i adore red heads!

  • Her hair is gorgeous and she’s very versatile, indeed! But there’s something about her stare that doesn’t appeal me… :S But she’s talented!

  • E

    Oh, I really like her.

  • Natasha K

    I like this girl a whole lot. a whole lot. like, A LOT!

  • HH

    She’s like a redheaded alien!very unusual, very mysterious gaze and her I hope she’ll be big!

  • Yasmin

    It’s so ridiculous that ones comment gets deleted right away if theres smth negative in it !!

    Anyways: IMO, Lucia’s wrong concerning Johannas weight. She’s perfect the way she is and shouldn’t lose more weight!

  • beautiful! Interesting nose and owl eyes.

  • Elijah

    this girl is the type of girl who can inspire designers. i hope she goes far

  • Her hair is gorgeous

  • lulu

    wonderful. these models just keep getting better

  • oh my … Im so crazy about swedish models!
    Johanna got wonderful eyes , lips , hair… simply amazing package!!

  • Jensen

    She looks like a renaissance queen!

  • she is awesome i love her. she is my favorite and she can pose really well.

  • KK

    GREAT! Very Beautiful!

  • isn’t she starred in this video?
    Kendal Johansson – Blue Moon

  • Vila

    Yes, she is the star of the Blue Moon vid. She looks amazing in it and I absolutely adore the video:

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