Daily Duo: Gert



Gert has a cuteness overload! He was discovered at a festival by an agent from Models by Keen and quickly signed by Why Not in Milan and Premier in London. It’s still early days, but Gert’s blue-eyed innocence is beguiling, and an interesting change from the harder, sharper look currently in fashion. Can this cutie conquer all?


Full Name:
Gert Muyldermans

185cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Herent, Belgium

Date of Birth:
September 9


Mother Agency
Models By Keen

Why Not Model Management

Premier Model Management

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  • vania

    i love his eye

  • HH

    Innocent and fresh yet so mesmerizing.Love him!!

  • Erika

    OMG he looks like a very blonde Hayden Christiansen (actor)- same lips, eyes : )

  • aldo

    AMAZING!!!CUTE EDGY are coming

  • Vanity

    He looks like a young Jamie Oliver, whaha!

  • jluc

    Yes, a better-looking Jamie Oliver.
    I can imagine him being in movies.

  • jluc

    ^not that I’m saying Jamie Oliver should be too… but yeah.

  • Fresh, innocent and damn hot!

  • this pic is really good and hes really cute:) i wondered if i would b a good model like that

  • mych

    not only blue but drunk eyes, love it

  • pascal

    he’s the best! Wil make a great carriere!

  • Deee

    i know him:) funny like hell, amazing, goregous, im really in love man

  • Tina

    Mooie Gert ! :-)