Pablo was scouted when the staff at the booking table of EP Bookers gave up long lunches and headed to the local gym for boxing classes. Modeling now for just two months, Pablo’s physique is testimony to the miracle of sparring – he has been an amateur boxer for years, although his perfect face remains totally unscathed. And even though we’re not fans of the Rocky movies or Fight Club, we sure are excited to introduce this contender into the modeling arena!


Full Name:
Pablo Ferrari

190cm / 6′2.5″

Place of Origin:
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Date of Birth:
August 25


Mother Agency
EP Bookers

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  • Too many underwear shots! No, I’m not complaining at all! He’s gorgeous!

  • Hana

    I feel this urge to go to Argentina

  • Gorgeous face and body.

  • Shannon

    Love his look!

  • Arthur

    his face is beautiful. he’s the best thing i’ve seen in a very long time. finally a man to compliment kate moss!

  • Emma

    I couldn’t stop looking at his junk.

  • Erika

    oy vey…… this body is perfection embodied!

  • Kiki

    I’m sorry, but he reminds me of a better version of Alex Meraz :D

  • He’s perfect (but he knows..)

  • Dom

    He sure fills out his underwear quite nicely…

  • Tom Linkens

    A model and an amateur boxer. Maybe some sparring and winning points with his booker at the same time.

  • Lucas

    I’m sorry but I hate shaved male models.

  • Chris

    Goddamn!! look at his…………………………eyes

  • karina

    beautiful face!!!

  • loli

    most hypnotizing guy in the world. I’m in love.

  • great model

  • lj

    Beautiful…but he trys channeling “model” to hard. unnatural

  • Daf

    I don’t think he tries too hard, he actually looks natural to me, it’s his face that’s very exotic and expressive, can’t help it. His body is naturally expressive too.

  • jluc

    Yes, I can see him acting just a bit too much.
    Oh, and that perfection just to be punched around? Please.
    Good thing he thought of modeling (or did they just make him do it?)

  • Jim

    He looks good, but doesn’t know how to pose, his “faces” are awful. Or maybe he wasn’t well trained on the photoshoot

  • tony

    They look like the first shots of a photo shoot when a new model is not very relaxed.

  • Gary

    and that’s the sexiest lips for male (for female of course i choose Angelina Jolie). and u know what, u also have the gorgeust eyes for male i ever seen. absolutely u’re trully a model who wanna be a top model and will be a supermodel. good luck for u, Pablo! ^^