We love this girl! Discovered by mother agent Ann Kathrin from am Model Management in Cologne, Nur’s model career got kick started just two weeks ago. This elegant, captivating girl is an humanitarian, an accomplished violin player and a big fan of crime novels. Not yet placed outside of Germany, we’re betting Nur could raise hell (the good kind!) in Paris, NY and London.


Full Name:
Nur Hellmann

Dark Brown
180cm / 5′11″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Cologne, Germany

Date of Birth:
October 1


Mother Agency:
am Model Management

  • Trish

    She’s cute, IMG will take her

  • Marty

    i argee with you trish IMG is all over her !
    and i think she must have a little african in her
    she’s stunning.

  • HH

    Woww very very interesting face!!

  • stace

    I love her already.

  • Wow, I love her features, especially her eyes. Definitely editorial type model.
    Hope we can see her in the major fashion cities soon.

  • WOOOOOWW!!!!!!

    She leaves me stunnend! She is totally an IMG girl o.O
    And she is from Germany how cool!

  • oh my, what a face!

  • Yasmin

    Don’t like her in the polas, otherwise she seems really cute and interesting!

  • Masha

    she is cool!

  • phil

    go check out magali @ mega models – hamburg…i’d say twins. great shots !!!

  • she is so beautiful, i love this girl

  • I dont think magali and her look like twins…only because both are half caste?!?
    I see Nur as much more delicate and softer looking! And lips and eyes are different as well.

    • The expression “half caste” isn’t socially acceptable these days, guys (has it ever been? Probably not since the 50s). Mixed race or biracial are the preferred terms…

  • Trish

    I’ve seen Magali. I wont say that theyre twins, theyre just both from Germany. She may get with IMG but unfortunately IMG hasnt been able to break new faces especially ethnic ones. So we will see. crossing my fingers for this girl. There is also somthing very Tyra-esque about her face.

  • loren

    i love her..she looks like she is super sweet

  • Well Im “half caste” myself but no idea what is the right expression in english than;)
    anyway I want to see more from Nur in future…

  • EdgeModels Jakarta

    O M G… she’s new tyra banks

  • i had the pleasure of working with Nur on a shoot last week…..she is so talented and focused and tireless….and super intelligent and funny! needless to say, i am a huge fan. i am a makeup artist and we shot with the stylist Sarah Michelle and photographer Barbara Anastacio. the finished images can be seen on Barbara Anastacios’ website, under the `fashion’ category.

    thank you Nur, you are going to go very far!

    Brett Sherriffs

  • OMG!!

    U will be Bigger then EVER!!