Daily Duo: Mandy



With a name that inspired Barry Manilow, this Dutch beauty is sure to spark the imaginations of A list clients, photographers and stylist. Mandy started modeling a couple of years ago but took a break… and now she’s back! Signed with IMG Worldwide, this girl announces glamour with every glance. Oh Mandy!


Full Name:
Mandy de Wolff

Light Brown
179cm / 5′10.5″
84 cm / 33″
64 cm / 25.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
February 4


Mother Agency:
Paparazzi Models


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London

Place Models

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  • she looks very strong in some shots from her portfolio.. very pretty face


  • a.

    in the second pic she looks beautiful.
    powerful face..love her!

  • Erika

    Pretty face, but not sure i’m in love with her body….. lacks angularity.

  • darth020

    And back she is indeed:this girl has it all!

  • I have to say I… I honestly don’t think I’d notice her in the bunch of models an agency may have; but that doesn’t mean she’s not an attractive and fascinating beauty – and in fact I guess that’s quite objective… moreover some pics are really captivating. But I hope I’ll have the chance to see “a spark” looking at her in the future, simply that. Btw better underline it: it’s about personal feelings, her beauty (if you like the kind she is or not) and attitude in front of the camera are out of question…

  • Yasmin

    Great face, but she def. looks smaller than 1,79 m …

  • Harlow

    shes very beautiful but not my type of model.

  • Allison

    Mandy is gorgeous- beautiful face and hair. But I have to say it, she needs to lose weight if she wants to break into high fashion. She looks just a bit too heavy in her full body shot Polaroid. I hate that I have to say that, because I think her body is beautiful, but that is the sad fact of the high fashion industry right now.

    But she is stunning- I wish her all the success in the world!

  • Like her eyebrows and lips!

  • Bailey

    even more stunning with makeup off, then on

  • amelia

    she reminds me of natalie protman.. but i love her face

  • diane

    def looks like natalie portman

  • i like this girl, she and her weight is beautiful and i wish her the best

  • Courtney

    Mandy looks fabulously healthy. Such natural beauty and happiness. Best wishes to her!

  • like her lok… very relaxed

  • Simbli

    Well, she is absoulutely beautiful! I really love her face, she is kind of sexy. BUT there is many girls this season with stronger high fashion look which i remember much more then I will remember this girl. Of course as I said I really love her look, but the competition is very strong and she doesnt seem very special to me as other girls are.

  • HH

    Sexy and sultry face.

  • cecilie

    oh my god! STUNNING.

  • Stunning!! Natural beauty for sure!

  • Emma


  • Stella

    WOW is right ! This girl is exquisite and unbelievably unique, i adore her look. This girl is the real thing and i’d book her in a minute.

  • maximus cruz

    gee!pretty girl!That’s my girl!

  • Bubba

    She looks like Hilary Rhoda in the second shot, and Natalie Portman in the third! WOW she is beautiful!!! She’s going to make it for sure

  • Maja

    Dead ringer for natalie portman :)