Finally available to devote herself to modeling after finishing school, Vilma is ready to make an impact. This chameleon is able to transform her look from fresh innocence to sophisticated and sultry. Having only properly worked in Spain so far, she is now about to be introduced to the major markets. Vilma should be a busy girl this season.


Full Name:
Vilma Putriute

Light Brown
180cm / 5′11″
83 cm / 32.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Palanga, Lithuania

Date of Birth:
October 10


Mother Agency:Baltic Model Management


IMG Paris

IMG Milano

IMG London


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  • She looks so similar to Karlie Kloss, shocked me in some photos how they look nearly identical, but she is a more innocent and elegant version..
    they can do an editorial together just like when Sasha and Gemma did.

  • jake

    very feline. interesting look, i wouldnt know it was her in all of the photos. she transforms

  • jusitn

    the color really match on this girl. and YES W, she looks a bit like Karlie Kloss. and You right JAKE, she transforms.

  • totally karlie kloss.

  • Lucia

    She is beautiful, yes, but is she really 180cm??? Doesn´t look like that at all. Look at the polaroid with whole figure. She must have really superhigh heels, according to the angle of her feet… and her legs don´t look that long. And the picture was taken from below, i´d guess she has max. 176cm or so..

  • Vilma! I already knew her, but I have to be honest: I didn’t recognize her in the “New faces index” pic… *_*’
    Generally at Supermodels mainly have “regular face” models, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting: and in fact there are some that for a reason or another definitely are – Vilma too for sure.
    And… btw she’s quite young, but I have to admit she doesn’t look “that much young”, and maybe she never did. But not a bad thing by itself, not at all, it’s just a consideration: and in fact for a lot of works her mature and sophisticated beauty could be a good thing…

  • Yasmin

    Oh wow! I’m a fan already!! Such a lovely face… those eyes and lips! is she really 5’11 ??? )

  • stace

    She will be a Major star for sure. I some of her pics do resemble Karlie.
    And echoing W (1st post) I would love to see an ed with Tanya D and Dionne Tabbers together. That would be cool.

  • HH

    True. A chameleon.

  • Models and Style

    Not a fan of her polaroids but the Test pictures are stunning!! She really reminds me of Karlie Kloss…. I love that!!!

  • Nika

    She looks 180cm, not everyone is made up of legs. She’s evenly proportioned. I look the same way and I’m 180.
    She’s fresh, I like her.

  • beautiful & extremely versatile!

  • Erika

    She looks so much like Karlie Kloss that there may be problems when she starts booking jobs…. like twin sisters!

  • Rare Beauty, Amazing Female Model!

  • jake

    i disagree with many of you.. she looks like karlie in a few shots but in most of them there isnt a huge resembelance, just a likeness. and obviously there is a height difference which also sets the two apart, karlie is way taller than 180. the eyes are also different, and upper lips. so there is a resembelance, but tis not as extreme as most of you seem to make out.

  • Natasha K

    oh Natasha likey this one! I’m all for the Karlie Kloss and her ed like the Sasha and Gemma ed.

  • Bailey

    The photo where she is lifting her shirt up to expose her stomach her face looks gorgeous

  • papheudy

    Why would she not be 5’11”? I’ve heard of agencies adding up to 2 inches for certain “short” girls and heck, they even shrink some girls (think Alice Burdeu who’s 6’1″) but even if this girl was 176 cm why would they go to the trouble of adding an extra two inches when at 176 cm, like you think she is Lucia, is just as good as being 180 cm for runway..

  • nat

    i like her face, she reminds me of karlie kloss

  • Rayssa Ramos

    Ela é linda tem um rosto incrivel,tem os olhos bem expressivos .!

  • pumbaa

    so coooooooooool!!!