Daily Duo: Andy



So new he only has polaroids, Andy is another fresh find at mandp in London. From Bournemouth, Andy has that edgy, arty look that does not necessarily appeal to everyone, but certainly to the client who goes for intriguing over perfection. This befreckled and inked skateboarder spells “EDITORIAL” in capital letters.


Full Name:
Andy Martin

186cm / 6′1″

Place of Origin:
Bournemouth, UK

Date of Birth:
May 2


Mother Agency

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  • jake

    really unappealing to me, not my type of model at all. and he is too sthin.

  • Danny

    He looks like out of a comic book.
    I’m liking the look.

  • Wow I love his facial structure. So thin! :)

  • He looks amazing on the 3rd image (straight on).

  • James

    I cant believe this is what you call a male model today!! I know there’s a lot better models out that needs to be recognized,but this is what you put on models.com =(

  • tiff

    wow i love him,i was just wondering lately where did the skinny male models go in the new faces topic :)

  • nat

    this type does not appeal to me indeed :|

  • carli

    Finally, acknowledgement of the thinner males – yes they do exist. Not every male model has to be buff and muscle. This boy has his own beauty!

  • sticky

    Is this guy for real?????

  • james k.

    we want some amazing body

  • alexa

    amazing look, watch this space, he will be everywhere. :)

  • Sarah

    Beautiful. Very street and edgy. LOVE HIM! Good Luck Andy

  • he is amazing …
    bone structure is gorgeous :)

  • He has a very Quadrophenia look to him. Whether this helps or hurts, I’m not sure.

  • jluc

    Not the type that I usually go for, but whatever pleases people

  • egdy and arty that are words..! striking boy

  • I don’t think he looks that “Modelish”. Not my kinda model anyway… :(

  • KK

    Model agencies should ALWAYS be looking for a DIFFERENT look. They want unique!

  • Lewis Waterfield

    Met him the other day at the agency! He really is a pleasant person and I really hope that he does well!

  • danny d

    this guy is sooooo fucking cool. i just love his freckels. he is amazing.

  • gabriella

    I really like this look as it proves you do not have to be perfect. Good luck!