Jennifer is a fashion design student with beguiling beauty. This German lass has German and Korean parents, a genetic mix that has blessed her with great skin, cute freckles and almost doll-like perfection. Currently in London with mandp, Jennifer has already walked for Jil Sander and Levi’s back home in Germany, and her agents are very excited about this fraulein’s future.


Full Name:
Jennifer Koch

Dark Brown
180cm / 5′11″
81 cm / 32″
62 cm / 24.5″
90 cm / 35.5″

Place of Origin:
Germany [German/Korean]

Date of Birth:
June 5


Mother Agency:
Cream Model Management


  • bee

    PERTAMAX…. cool asian

  • stace

    Very interesting looking girl. Super tall. Ditch the cigarettes though.

  • hahaha- ridiculously fantastic

  • the awkwardness of her dolly face reminds me of Devon Aoki.

  • jake

    shes really beautiful, and she can certainly pose very well. i am in love with the third shot and she looks great in polaroids, exciting.

  • Kay

    Hmm…when did she walk for Jil Sander? I don’t remember this

  • Jane

    Such a beautiful and interesting girl. What a wonderful heritage

  • Nika

    Wow! Amazing body, beautiful face.

  • Joshua

    You are truly fine looking, WOW!

  • Marle

    Those cheekbones i cant stop admiring them

  • Bored


  • aj

    she just did a show (showroom) in germany for jil sander…not more!

  • aj

    but shes very beutieful,has to be smaller on hips for shows though…

  • shes beautiful

  • la

    At first glance, I was so excited to see an Asian model…on a closer look, mixed racial is even better! She’s beautiful! I hope she does well…augmenting diversity in fashion.

  • E

    I really like her look and I wish her the best of luck!

  • chi

    she’s good. like her more than a lot

  • Yasmin

    @ aj : what? she has a perfect body for the catwalk… her hips aren’t wide at all!!!

  • jluc

    she transcends racial stereotypes
    effin’ legit

  • Oh my my,

    She’s very beautiful.

    I love her.
    believe me!!

  • HH

    Cute! In first glance I couldn’t find anything German on her. =D Mixed is the way to go!

  • So gorgeous!

  • beth

    she is beautiful

  • Asian Beauty, Simply Stunning =$