Daily Duo: Svetlana



Svetlana, from Chelyabinsk, is one newcomer we expect to see clocking up the kilometers this season. Part of a new pack of intriguing Eastern European babes at Game Model Management in Paris, Svetlana brings a bewitching presence to her photos. There is something irresistible about this girl – a quality that could set her apart.


Full Name:
Svetlana Zakharova

Light Brown
175cm / 5′9″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
88 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Chelyabinsk, Russia

Date of Birth:
October 8


Mother Agency:
Avant Models Agency

Game Model Management

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  • Well, she’s that type of beauty I’m not used to like in models…

    http://focusonthem.blogspot.com – My blog about New Faces

  • nais

    beautiful. but isn’t it enough? she looks a little bit like gemma&sasha!
    I want see something new.What do you think?

  • I think if she’ll be too much more skinny, she’ll better, but her look is great.

  • gabrie

    beautiful.. but she looks so young.

  • I like the editorials, that she worked for and her polaroids. she’s great and definitely a good discovery by Avant Models. I’m corious about the shows in paris and if she’ll walk them. i could imagine her there well.

  • Rosie, finally here she is! haha :P
    Jokes aside, about Svetlana – actually it’s been kind of a crash for me; I loved this model from the very first second I saw her… even if I’m a little disappointed ’cause I hoped to see something more in this months. We’ll see. But I think she absolutely deserves to show and develop her potential.
    I love expressivity of her eyes, her icy and collected posing, her body presence (even if imo she has to work hard on that for sure), and… well, as I wrote “it’s been kind of a crash”, so it’s partially inexplicable… :)

  • Thomas

    Holy Gemma lips batman! She’s really pretty and her look isn’t too similar to Gemma’s to make her bland, so I look forward to seeing what she does!

  • She is like a doll’s face with a little alienesque and edge..
    which makes her very interesting in my point of view as she can possibly pull off those three styles or maybe none of them..


  • Marty

    What a great jaw bone!! AMAZING , but no cheek bones :/
    with that it would have been a gift from g-d. But she is very pretty. dont get me wrong.

  • HH

    Cute and youthfulness – that’s what she exudes.But I think she have to beef up on expression..=)

  • a

    like her a lot

  • Natasha K

    she needs work. but she has potential. but she needs work.

  • Bailey

    Really Pretty!!!!!

  • KS

    georgina stojikolvic+anna jagodzinska+ sasha p.= svetlana

  • sasha*gemma*lyndsey*edita

  • Great face. Her mouth and eyes are captivating.


  • LOVE


    Is it just a coincidence that she shares the same name of the famous ballerina???

  • Fernanda

    So beuatful…

  • Wei Wei

    LOVE I was just about to say that!