Daily Duo: Josefien



Josefien is as nice as pie! Scouted after submitting photos to Future Faces in Amsterdam, this Dutchie has been playing the cello for 10 years and loves snowboarding, skating, acting and baking apple tarts! Recently back from Milan, Josefien’s latest test shots do justice to her defiant yet innocent spirit – this is a teen with attitude. Josefien is a girl who will impact in editorial and get noticed on the catwalk.


Full Name:
Josefien Rodermans

Light Brown
180cm / 5′11″
82 cm / 32″
62 cm / 24.5″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:
Landsmeer, The Netherlands

Date of Birth:
October 12


Mother Agency:
Future Faces Model Mgmt

Joy Models

Dominique Models

seeDS management

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  • Reubs

    Seriously, i am 100% sure that there are factories in The Netherlands, manufacturing models. She’s GORGEOUS.

  • S.

    I’m impressed. Bold, elegant and fresh. I’m thinking, she looks like such a natural. I’m worried about her placement in Paris. I hope she gets in one of the big agencies, or at least one that takes good care of her development.
    Good luck! I’ve got hope for this girl.

  • muglerette

    i see a little freja there!!

  • Bailey

    She’s stunning, her face is very edgy her legs are a mile long what a gorgeous girl

  • In the last few shots, she reminds me of Freja,


  • Akis

    Too too too skinny.Be carefull

  • jake

    i also see freja, the resembelance is quite strong. they could be cousins. but they have a look different enough to not confuse the two. interesting.

  • stace

    Freja’s little sister w/ loads of potential.

  • anonymous

    freja + meghan + random blonde model!!

  • Anastasia Beverhausen

    Sweet jesus…Look at the legs on this one…..
    Dutch Freja much? stunner.

  • Not my fav type of model… but I kind of like her “austerity”. Interesting and peculiar for sure.
    And I have the impression her body presence and expressivity may be even more surprising than this…

  • Anniek

    I love her!!!

  • Natasha K

    the body is amazing.

  • nicole

    it’s not even just her face and her body! her presence in the photos is nothing less than amazing!!

  • adsfjl

    WOW she already looks like a pro!

  • nat

    i totally agree, she looks a bit like freja in some pics :)

  • arianou


  • Danny

    I like her the most in her polaroids.

  • Thomas

    I definitely see the Freja and Meghan resemblance. But she also has something of her own, which I like. She’s really great – good find guys!

  • Ola

    Reminds me of Freja

  • I can see Kasia Struss’s resemblence in ehr eyes :)

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