From Edinburgh, Scotland, new boy Freddie was scouted in his school uniform, waiting for the bus. Signed immediately by Annalese at Stolen Models, Freddie has it all – great eyes, incredible cheekbones, a perfectly placed beauty spot, and porcelain skin (which he credits to Twinings tea). Now placed with Nevs, Freddie is about to make his international debut at the Spanish shows – next stop London, Paris, the world!


Full Name:
Freddie Rayner

191cm / 6′3″

Place of Origin:
Edinburgh, Scotland

Date of Birth:
June 29


Mother Agency
Stolen Agency



Global Models

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  • Wow!..his eyes! Gorgeus

  • papheudy

    get ready for him..he’ll surely be big

  • great look here, perfect look for retro new wave and punk looks

  • Oliverio

    Oh god, that first picture. Flawless

  • Aldo

    hye’ll be a star…i want to see more diversity and i see it
    5’10 and 5’11 and now 6’3 which is quite unusual height
    but great

  • Superb look with structure and with just a slight edge that can be pulled back or enhanced. His lips are luscious! I hope to see him do well.

  • In some shots he looks like he definitely deserves more than a few beauty campaigns.

  • jake

    its very rare to see somebody who is absolutely flawless and beautiful in every single photo, even polaroids. he is incredible. i love his profile. the next big male model perhaps?

  • love him…

  • Claudia

    He is beautiful and amazing, I’m sure he will do very well.

  • jusitn

    Sweet … !

  • Blackleatherhat

    The girls are gonna go crazy over this one.
    This guy would look good in everything.
    Novela, Commercial, Maybe The Next James Bond…
    I’d put my money on this one.

  • Naya

    He is perfect! One of the best faces I’ve seen in ages, so beautiful but masculine. great great great! For sure he’s gonna be BIG, trust me on this.

  • Wow, what a perfect eyes, eye-brows and chin!

  • sorry, but I forgot the mouse the nose and skin too,”Perfect”

  • anonymous

    he looks like the male version of ana beatriz barros

  • There is a wealth of great looking people away from London not getting recognised.Itis allways great news when someone pics up on models like Freddy rider. I can find others in this earea to pass on to agencys with international contacts.Good luck to Freddy for a great casreer ahead..Chris

  • Joe


  • great lookin’ kid, great photos.

    but the last image and the one with the “diamonds” should surely be removed.

    they don’t do anything for him.

  • baron corvo

    He’s Apollo. Amazing!

  • The close-up shots are so beautiful!! Love his features! xxoxoxoo

  • ele

    totally gorgeous!!!

  • WOW, new male crush!!! He’s sooo handsome and expressive and deep and… well… PERFECT!

  • madzia

    mmm he’s amazing!!!!

  • Alessafan

    He reminds me of Bianca Balti !! Gorgeous!

  • Eamon

    Good call with Bianca Balti, lol. Yep – this guy has it. Only question is: is he TOO perfect!

  • bee

    little bit like taylor fuchs

  • gise

    First time i feel compelled to post here.


    Burberry here he comes…
    Best of luck!

  • This is the best new face – posted by you this year!

  • Zoe

    his face is flawless

  • Angela

    he has that taylor fuchs going on ;)
    if he has the whole six pack going, he’ll be perfect.
    love him nevertheless XD

  • Nigel S.

    Unbelievable. Extreme beauty.
    He certainly is THE BEST male face that I’ve probably ever seen in Newfaces.
    My new favorite atleast.

    He has got to be the next big deal. So many come and vanish.
    But hopefully he stays and uses it for what it’s worth.

    The fashion posse will surely eat him up.
    Most delectable he is.
    He can even steal spots from the girls and I don’t think anyone would complain.

  • jluc

    Could have been one of those poster boys for perfection if it weren’t for that spot near the lips. Not a fan of it.

    Nevertheless, one can’t be too perfect, right?

  • HH

    WOWWWIEEE superb find!!Good time that the bus hasn’t come to pick him up yet!lol handsome punk thing going on being beautiful at the same time.He is good on the camera too!Freddie is the one.

  • Bozena

    please, don’t make him look feminine because he is just perfect the way he is. He is an extremely handsome young man not a good looking girl. I feel enchanted for the first time…
    Good luck and all the best

  • Leo


  • Amelia

    HE LOOKS LIKE A GREEK GOD statue!!!!!! WELL IN THIS CASE SCOTTISH GOD LOL he is so beautiful he doesnt look real

  • zahid

    he has dashing personality. i like that figure

  • zahid


  • Mimi

    In love with Himmmmmmm

  • laura

    love, love, love he is amazing !!!!

  • reuben

    Adonis felt like Butthead when he stood beside him :)

  • pri

    He is sooooooooooo gorgeous!!! Attractive. He will do very well!!

  • Grace

    oh my god, this boy its true beauty i cannot belive my eyes.
    he will go so far, im excited to watch him!



  • this face is unfair! xD

  • mathilda

    This face is too good to be true. IN LOVE. PURE perfection

  • Nigel S.

    ………Just unbelievable..

  • Josh


  • Mary

    The absolutely most beautiful ever seen!

  • S.

    WOW… and I don’t say that often.

  • cecilie

    oh my gard! he is absolutely stunning. he is SO beautiful.

  • Jensen

    Oh my lord. Is he wearing makeup?! That face… so flawless — there’re no pores! And those closeups my god. I’m already going gaga over this one. Soooo unfair.

  • Elijah


    not that he looks like he could do makeup ads…

    it’s not real. this is just simply not real

  • Callie

    Ha, I know him! He used to go to my school =D

  • Luanderson Cassiano


  • beautiful! dont really dig him in profile though and the birthmark on the nose but apart from that -stunning! those eyes!!

  • d.M

    His entire face is Perfect seductive eyes sexy pouty lips nice combo!

  • your features are so exotic … that eyes so beautiful and my english is so bad… kissessss