Daily Duo: Kayleigh



Dunedin, New Zealand is a quiet little city with some incredibly beautiful people. Kayleigh was discovered by Ali McD agency a few years ago, but has been developing her confidence and portfolio before launching into the stratosphere. Tall and elegant, Kayleigh has an offbeat, almost pre-Raphaelite beauty, and a burning desire to walk in couture shows. Finished with school this year, this girl is ready to go global.


Full Name:
Kayleigh Hancock

180cm / 5′11″
84 cm / 33″
61 cm / 24″
89 cm / 35″

Place of Origin:
Dunedin, New Zealand

Date of Birth:
February 28


Mother Agency:
Ali McD Models

Trump Management

Joy Models

62 Models & Talent


[flashvideo file=https://v.models.com/newfaces/i/kayleigh.flv width=300 height=220 bufferlength=10 controlbar=over image=//i.mdel.net/newfaces/i/kayleigh.jpg /]

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  • Looks interesting. I wonder how she’d photograph editorially though.

  • Lucia

    Interesting, though i´m not sure whether i´d use word “beautiful”.. woud love to see her profile and some test as well..

  • Gabrie

    Me too.. beautiful face. But can’t tell anything about her expressions.
    She looks model material though.

  • ddace

    don’t know why, but I love her hair and how they look on her.

  • nice looks

  • Kl

    Superb height, I’m loving her hair!

  • stace

    I see potential. I hope she does well. I’m partial to redheads.

  • Her Face is Incredible :)

  • Marty

    I like her face alot

  • Lauryn

    She’s amazing to look at, would be great to see some tests

  • Thomas

    I can’t tell if it’s just the photography or what, but her lack of neck makes me a sad panda. HOWEVER, I love seeing a redhead (as i am one myself), she’s wonderfully tall and her face is really really pretty.

  • Once I exclude opinions like: “don’t know why, but I have the weird (and very intuitive) idea this is the kind of girl that physically will tend to change a lot”
    Actually I don’t think I’ll be a huge fan of her. Saw other pics and even if her presence looks good, I’m not mad about her body proportions. And it’s her face features, cheeks, general shape… but she will find “her own space” in the business for sure.

  • jake

    i really am getting less and less impressed every week with ‘daily duo’ and ‘model of the week,’ you dont even have two models a day anymore for the past week or so. disappointing and most certainly this girl is not ‘beautiful’ as i would define it, although beautiful in an alternative way i could stretch to…

    • Jake – August is the month when the fashion world shuts down. Most of the European agencies, PR houses, casting directors, etc are on vacation. That is why we are not publishing two new faces every day. We need a break too! As for you being unimpressed, that’s fair enough but they have all been getting great responses from industry professionals.


  • Grace

    Kayleigh has amazing proportions. I could envisage her doing the couture shows for sure…. Stunning model.

  • Check out Kayleigh in action here in 1AM Magazine in her first ever shoot: http://www.1am.co.nz/new/2010/08/1ams-homie-kayleigh-hancock-on-models-dot-com/

  • Sarah

    Absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of her!

  • rose

    Wow she is amazing, LOVE the red hair. you go girl!!!

  • Krystian

    Red head love.. Amazing girl

  • aliana

    Models need a tough skin in this industry because there are Jakes out and about with attitudes just as ruthless and mean in the

    world of fashion.

    Models.com is a great vehicle for smaller and lager agencies alike to have a broader audience to get models moving.

    Heads up to models.com and thank you.

  • “We need a break too!”?!!! Rosie, I thought this was 24/7, 365 days a year! haha :P jokes aside, it is worth remembering that what models.com does for agencies and models is really remarkable.

    Btw, good chance to underline: fashion needs a lot of different models, and search just for “very usual pretty faces” and/or every time for a… a “supermodel” (whatever it means) would be simply crazy. And imo POTENTIALITIES should always be valued generally and with an eye to the KIND OF MODEL.

    PS “Models need a tough skin” for sure; but I still think opinions (if kind and constructive: didn’t like at all what I found here about Camille, generally ROUGH and VERY SUMMARY…), even if negative, are always welcome – castings are just about others’ opinions after all, and they’ll face a looot.

  • She’s ok- not great. But what I am really wondering, is if she was discovered a few years ago and has been spending time developing her book, where is it? Why am I looking at a bunch of odd polas?

  • ..I agree with Jake, hope there is no problem.

  • Blackleatherhat

    Might need a new agency if she’s still sitting on the back burner.
    She’s Tall, Has a Beautiful Face, A Great Head of Hair, Lovely Eyes.
    Are we waiting for her to get taller or what?
    All the best of luck to her.

  • omg, i love the expression on her face….



  • HH

    Her face has a kind of mystery to it.Nice lips,paired to her slightly slanted eyes.