Discovered at the iPop Convention in Las Vegas by Mimi & Jason from Next, Robert is blessed with an abundance of talent. Based in Tampa, Florida, where he attends an exclusive tennis academy, Robert, from Romania, is fluent in several languages, an accomplished musician, and outrageously handsome! This boy, described by his agents as “expensive” and “beautiful”, has the world at his feet.


Full Name:
Robert Serafim

Light Brown
188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Romania (based in Tampa, Florida)

Date of Birth:
April 15


Mother Agency
Next LA

  • truly handsome!

  • Mario

    very cute although he does look like any normal boy in his polaroids

  • Erika

    Gorgeous, but looks best with short, dark hair – not the light brown mop….. LOL

  • jluc

    I like the “light brown mop” on this guy. Makes him look young.
    And oh my, I only know two Romanians… add this one and so far, I’ll say that Romanians are beautiful people.

  • jake

    agree with mario, in the test shots he looks great but in his polaroids he is unremarkable.

  • I agree that he looks amazing with dark hair! Kind of looks like Simon Nessman in some of the shots but I like him! Definitely has a great potential! xxoxoxoxoo

  • natebigsby

    He looks like he has make up on. Not hatin just sayin.

  • Clare

    he looks like max motta with the mop. i like his adaptability, he projects different vibes without really changing his expression much.

  • GP

    Gorgeous hair, I do love his mop hair.

  • Bored

    Cute guy. But I think less is more. She should have had his hair trimmed up a bit before his shoot but, again with the hair line it could have been a problem. The retouching is a little much. His face is a different color than his body. If your going to spend time retouching…. don’t miss things like skin tone, the random drop of water, and hair on the shoulder.

  • L.O.V.E the curly hair. and maybe the pictures aren’t retouched… my face isn’t the same color as my body and I don’t know anyone’s that is… love this guy (:

  • Robert Serafim

    =)) hey from the romanian… lol i know my hairz bad but… my agent Mimi wants me to keep it long :((… and then in the digitals…. in vegas i was in the hotel for 5 days dident come out for a long time… and my lips were HUGE!!! anyways… :P i gtg tennis bye all

  • ele

    gorgeous on the second picture!

  • Justin Luz

    Amazing individual! Truly talented and blessed! I had the privilege of meeting this young man at iPOP! Best of luck to you, Robert!