Daily Duo: Mary S.



There’s definitely something about this Mary. Hailing from New Zealand, Mary is from Dunedin – maybe not the most happening city, but definitely a strong source of New Zealand beauty. Signed up after visiting Ali McD with another model, Mary is already placed with Trump Management in NY and has plenty of interest from other international agencies. It isn’t difficult to see why – with her smattering of freckles, intense blue eyes and delicate, otherworldly features, Mary is memorable.


Full Name:
Mary Smith

Dark Blonde
173cm / 5′8″
82 cm / 32″
60 cm / 23.5″
86 cm / 34″

Place of Origin:
Dunedin, New Zealand

Date of Birth:
June 8


Mother Agency:
Ali McD Models

Trump Management

62 Models & Talent

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  • Bailey

    Mary is so pretty her gorgeous blue eyes and freckles really define her face shes a new, fresh face to the industry Love her!

  • jake

    looks like kim noorda and tanya d mixed, should be interesting to see her development.

  • Ok, honestly sometimes I’m genuinely amused by some “She reminds me of” / “New” *(very improbable) famous model* (even “Queen Elizabeth II” sometimes would be better!), and I won’t do that now; :)
    so… “she somehow reminds me of” Rachel Pouwer; I mean, the kind of model. So: good presence but “not-exactly-unforgettable” face. Don’t know Mary, but huge and outstanding personality/attitude (and Rachel has for sure! that’s why she’s very interesting for me) is a must if you want to show something special… hope she will.

  • 5’8″…. she’s really tiny. And she looks more 19 than 14 so I am guessing her growing time is done…

  • She has a strong face while hair pulled back, but when her hair is let down, she somehow just fades and become a normal looking girl.


  • Erika

    very delicate & pretty w/ nice, angular body. Do hope she grows couple of inches, though.

  • she’s really pretty

  • ddace

    so gorgeous in photos where hair is pulled back and those eyes.
    but I agree that she fades when her hair is let down.
    I’m really interested how old is she, hope will post the age or birth date.

  • Ilse

    she looks a bit like Kaya Scodelario.. very pretty girl =)

  • scout

    I wouldn’t say she fades when her hair is down, I just say the lighting isn’t as good in that photo..

  • ell

    the eyes. the second picture is especially lovely.

  • i like her (:

  • aliana

    Mary has just turned 15!

  • tom

    WOW!! what a babe. watch out for this young one she is AMAZING!

  • Christal

    Absolutely stunning girl with the most beautiful eyes and hair. Very elegant :-)

  • loren

    shes okay but nothing special

  • Rolive

    OMG!!!! amazing beautiful girl!! Her eyes are sooo stunning and clear like crystals in the daylight. And that honeycomb hair..mmmmmmm stunning! Absolutely gorgeous. She is very tiny think she would be better if she put on more weight and matured a little….but love her!

  • Sarah

    Re: Loren
    To make it onto models.com I’d say she must be pretty special – there are hundreds of models they could have chosen to showcase. Clearly the industry and the above commenters disagree with you. She’s gorgeous!

  • @ Sarah: wait, I somehow agreed with Loren! :) but don’t think “shes okay but nothing special” is that much bad; IMO too she’s good but she’ll have to show (maybe she has, maybe not, we’ll see!) huge personality to impress.
    PS and btw I guess every opinion (IF NOT OFFENSIVE and ABOUT THE MODEL), even if negative, is welcome here… these girls will face hundreds of castings, and our honest opinions (with an implicit “PS BTW I WISH YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR CAREER AND LIFE FIRST”) are just a very little part or good anticipation of that… :)

  • Perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose. I love this girl!

  • Hannah

    Mary, You are stunning.
    love you.

  • Holly

    I think that the first three pictures really shows her perfect features on her face (nose, eyes, face shape ect.). In the last picture shes just OK.

  • Elizabeth

    I personally dont see anything special about this girl. With the the hieght and her everyday looks, she looks more like a reality show contestant or an actress.

  • she needs to have darker hair,not nescisarily black but close to that colour..her last picture was oo comon and boring

  • Michaela

    Mary you look absolutely amazing! Beautiful photos! Ignore the negative comments! To think you have just started modeling and you already take amazing photos… imagine how gorgeous your photos will get when you’ve had more training! Love you girl xo

  • Jess and Emily!

    Mary you are so incredible and pretty great model shots just amazing! xo jess m and emily!

  • Grace

    Mary, you are the most beautiful girl I know. Who cares if your ‘tiny’, your growing time is NOT up and you will blossom into one of the most beautiful models the world has ever seen. Beautiful pics, you have pure talent!
    Love Grace xx

  • Models and Style

    not sure about her


  • shiena

    ummm some of you guys are absolute drop kicks clearly she’s an amazing looking girl, and if you think she’s average maybe you should put some cute pics up for me to tell you what i think of you, probs wont be that great though because only jealous peole would feel the need to critizise. and that means you’re uglyer than her.. awkward.

  • court

    you are stunning mary! critizing is part if the modeling industry. so dont get too cut up about it. just learn! and be yourself. you are still very young. but beautiful

  • I sweeear this is the last thing I’m going to write here! :) but…
    @ shiena: gosh, I love her eyes / pretty face / gracious thinness: I THINK MARY IS A VERY CUTE GIRL! But
    – others’ (not offensive) opinions (not “criticisms”) should generally be respected, without getting personal…
    – this is MODELS.com! imo nobody should express opinions about the girl… or think they are; especially if (in my case) they’re not.
    Finally: two of my fav models are MAAIKE (Klaasen) and AUGUSTE (Abeliunaite), two girls I don’t like so much (hope they won’t read! haha *_*’)… but I LOVE THE TWO MODELS TO DEATH. That’s that.

    PS hope you’ll take “all this” as I do: a “placid and joyful” exchange of opinions… ;)

  • Stefany

    @shiena: wow you sound like a teenager! honestly jealousy has nothing to do with wether or not someone has what it takes to model. I don’t get jealous at models because I admire what they do…. I however like to give my opinions on models because it’s a free country . Normally my opinions are positive, but for Maria I feel like she is a cute girl but when I think of a future cover girl, i imagine wether the model would be stand out amongst a crowd like ( Chanel, lily Cole, gemma ward, Abby lee), and I don’t see that with maria. Sorry if my opinions offend anyone. She will get work because she is attractive, but a supermodel? I’m not sure but I wish her fhe best of luck!

  • Очень красивое,приятное лицо!!!Mary,удачи тебе во всех твоих начинаниях!!!

  • she’s a work of art… magic!

  • Tullah

    @shiena her name is actually MARY. not maria
    i think she has a lot of talent, still being 15, im sure she has some maturing and growth to go, which I think will be good for her. Who would of thought that new zealand produced stunning models?

  • you want to look and look at her face… very classy….beautiful beautiful…

  • isaac

    She may be “tiny” but packs a a pretty serious punch… I know