Daily Duo: Lukas



Discovered by James at Photogenics while working at Starbucks in LA, Lukas is totally focused and ready to go. This intelligent young man has a genetic advantage – his father was a successful runway model. When not busy creating music, dreaming and working out, Lukas has recently taken time out of his busy schedule to shoot for Wonderland Magazine. We love a model with brains, and Lukas is total ray of light.


Full Name:
Lukas Ray

188cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Los Angeles, California, USA

Date of Birth:
April 30


Mother Agency


[flashvideo file=https://v.models.com/newfaces/i/lukasray.flv width=300 height=220 bufferlength=10 controlbar=over image=//i.mdel.net/newfaces/i/lukasray.jpg /]

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  • guilherme

    i liiiiiiiked it!
    just dont like when he puts his head down and look to the camera… we dont need that “sexyness”

  • Amazing *__*

  • Masha

    like him very much!
    he is very interesting.

  • He looks so much better in the video than in these photos! His bone structure comes out, a persona is there. He really needs to trash these shots and get some new ones that better represent him!

  • Jake

    This guy looks amazing! He’s def my fav

  • Matt Stone

    Totally the best model on the site in my opinion. Needs to be famous asap.

  • we just shot lukas for a twelve page editorial for alila, a british mag. he was great and fit the clothes beautifully.

  • fashion Student

    Amazing face!

    But maybe stop doing the Zoolander Blue Steel poses

  • ryan

    I dont know why my comment was deleted because its very obvious in the video that he is trying very hard.like I said before he tries to hard. But he does look good.

  • I shot Lukas few months ago. This Guy is excellent ! Looks awesome, knows how to pose, takes directions, easy going guy with a great personality…
    Love the video. This model keeps getting better and better.

  • This kid is hot, very hot. Cover boy.

  • Wow. Very impressed. Formal and professional. I can see that this model will have a very expanded future. He has a lot of potential.

  • jluc

    And look at what good genetics does

  • Oksie

    OMG!!!!!! you sooooo gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck )))))

  • irenehall

    love the these pictures- you look great!!!

  • Andrea Kulberg

    Gentlemen’s Quarterly…front cover…now please!

  • Oliverio

    omg I can’t see the video people are talking about. where is it? There isn’t nothing below the word “video” under his info. ;_;

  • Looking sharp L Ray I’m happy for you dude keep it up

  • Sara Tiberio

    Wonderful shots. Very nice looking man. I thought the video was taken at a less-than-optimal location, though. He clearly can’t keep his eyes open because of the light. Anyone would be blinded by that. All in all, these are excellent shots of a very nice looking man. I hope he keeps it up.

  • Christy

    Super sexy! Good luck : )

  • L-Ray the pictures look awesome!!!

  • Aimee

    Gorgeous! Talented with allot of surprises.;

  • emma

    looking great lukas! cant wait to see more :)

  • Korie Swan

    Your a beautiful person…can’t wait to see more of you in many magazines!!

  • Watch out! Here he comes!!

  • Great job!

  • AshleyMac

    Very nice! Good bone structure! Very photogenic too! I thunk we’re gonna see a lot more of this face! Hope se anyway! :)

  • bob


  • Chance

    wow, his look is so great and fresh. He is going to go far for sure!

  • Katrina

    He looks so great, with a face like that he is going to go far. Can’t wait to see more of him!

  • 1sun

    yo bro, look at you doing the modeling thing. Next thing I know you’ll be on the cover of Vogue or something.

  • Hannah Taubman

    Lucas you look hot!! your a natural at this.. this is where you belong.


  • Debbie Cote’

    Lukas, these photos of you are so “Sweet”…. It’s so nice to see a fresh new face…. you getting out there being so courage’s…. good luck & I know you will go far! ( :

  • Bubba

    You are an incredible model. My favorite EVER !!! Must rock the world.

  • Mark Dean

    Lukas has a terrific “New Presence” as they say, “The Camera Likes Him”! All the Best Lukas!!!

  • Sam

    Absolutely stunning! Great job! :)

  • Joel Brown

    wat up, L-ray!

    I amazed to see your success, where you are going & honored to leave a comment to encourage you. Love your page as you have something that will take you through doors you never dreamed of walking through! :) You really are the best and don’t let anybody say that you can’t be what you want to be as you will be everything that they said you couldn’t be. You will go far, so shoot for the stars and land on the moon. Show them what you where born to do. Dont let nobody get you down cuz if you do you will never reach your goals. One last thing… Why does superman fly? So no on can’t touch him, right. Keep your head up, stay humbled and keep doing what you do best. :) You are such an inspiration, stay focus and keep God first.

    you friend Joel

  • Frankie

    This is the new face of Prada…

  • Ashlee

    LOOKS AWESOME!!! :) congrats! he is really talented! keep it up!

  • Alex

    So high fashion! Love him!

  • TJ

    This guy is so Calvin Klein!

  • Linnea

    WoW!! LOVE your pics, and your video! You are gonna go far, Lukas! Congrats on getting signed with Photogenics!! You ROCK! =)God Bless!!