Russian by origin but born in Uzbekistan, Darya got into modeling after attending a casting call at Figaro Models. The essence of sullen, pouty but perfect teen queen, Darya has so far only worked in the Asian markets, but has a look that will transcend continents. Agents in Europe & US, pay attention, Darya is headed your way.


Full Name:
Darya Matveeva

Light Brown
176cm / 5′9.5″
80 cm / 31.5″
60 cm / 23.5″
87 cm / 34.5″

Place of Origin:

Date of Birth:
December 3


Mother Agency:
Figaro International Management Group

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  • Simbli

    Well, she seems very classic to me and anything on her what makes me remember her.
    But I´m expecting here many comments as “she is lovely, perfect” I don´t know people sometimes for you it´s perfect every model here, I never seen here negative reactions.. this is so weird…

  • Marcin

    she’s good

  • Lucia

    Well, yes, everybody here tends to say “she´s gorgeous” about every single girl, even when sometimes new faces here are quite weird, with asymetric faces and – from my POV hard to place anywhere.
    But this girl for me has really big potential – she´s high fashion type and commercial at the same time. What i am missing is some more expression in her face, she seems all the same on all pics. Maybe it´s just because her personality, but i think she should work on her versatility a little bit.

  • Haha, Simbli, I am expecting those comments as well:P
    Well, She doesn’t have an edgy face, but whats interesting about her that attracts my interest is probably the innocency and pure vibe she brings, at least for me;)

  • This girl is very sweet! She has a lot of potential in model business!
    We are sure that she will cach her star in modeling!
    Wish her good luck!!!
    We believe in you, Dasha! ;)

  • you’ve got it girl,just go for it.luv ur look

  • z_kz

    another newcomer from Uzbekistan. it’s good for this country. Daria is lovely, i like her eyes :) go-go Daria!

  • karrie

    she reminds me of Scarlett Johansson~

  • Naya

    I agree with simbli, pple here has no judment!
    This is a pretty girl to me not a pretty model… What Im trying to say is that she is beautiful, but to succeed in this industry u need to have much more than a pretty face. I see the photos and she has only one expression, and that is not the kind of model I like to work with.
    Good luck anyway Darya!

  • Masha

    like her natural look

  • M

    she reminds me of alisa matviychuk

  • Models and Style

    pretty but “too” cute for my taste

  • RRRaul415

    Scar-Jo definitely…

  • laura

    i think she is really pretty, diferent from other girls. go darya

  • Well, at the first sight I thought it was Lliy Cole, she reminds me a mix of Elise Clombez and Lily Cole.

    She’s beautiful,

    Peple don’t leave negative comments because, I think the idea is to give a constructive comments not just say, ok or not ok.
    In my opinion a bit of Lily a bit of Elise, it’s a good mix, yes she needs to mature as every model, no one starts ready.

    Bonne chance Darya

  • Ashley

    Only one single expression?

  • rachel

    she’s like a cross between jessica alba and scarlett johansson
    not a bad combination at all

  • Amanda R

    She sort of looks like actress Christine Ricci…or however you spell her name

  • Al

    looks like Crombez; I miss Elise Crombez

  • Gabrie

    She needs to have more power in her eyes. She looks so sleepy.

  • big lower lids, nice look, would like to see her more rested and shot better

  • A beautiful face

  • Be Daul

    First thing I notice is her straight eyebrows! rare and lovely <3

  • I’ve posted my dislike for models before but it always seems to get deleted by MDC…

  • Lily

    Yeah the moderators are a bit touchy when it comes to something negative, especially with these fresh faces. They’ve gotten a bit sloppy recently though, maybe it’s the summer holidays or something. I agree I can be a bit harsh sometimes especially when I’m drunk and it involves Karlie or Lindsey, but I don’t understand why every thread should be reduced to “OMG SHES BEUTIFULL LOL!!!!111!” range of comments.

  • Simbli

    I mean.. she is not ugly of course… but models are because we are looking for something different, some different kind of beauty and I never have said that this girl is not beautiful, of course she is!
    But come on guys I can find many girls around me looking similiar beauty as this girl. Sometimes it seems to me that some girls are models just because they are skinny, but their face is very classic.
    This is website about modeling and I thought that people who visit this its not just people who say about every girl that she is beautiful, you should make difference sometimes between really amazing girl (which many times apear here) and normal girl which I look her pictures and I feel like “well,….. in five minutes im gonna forget her face”… But when you check profiles of new faces here its just “wow, great, beautiful, perfect” for all girls same comments all the time..

  • tony

    She needs to take some classes in acting.

  • HH

    Beautiful!Really.Very classic and womanly.Agreed with Rachel,definitely Jessica Alba + Scar Jo.Although as a model,she needs more.

  • HH

    Oh I forgot,she also looks like actress Eliza Dushku.

  • she is very sexy ,hot and beautiful

  • she is very sexy and qute girj

  • I hate to be negative, trust me, she’s lovely, but her eyes have no expression, no spark, nothing to make me look twice.

  • Very beautiful, from the look or pose. She seems to have a lot of potential. Seems like a real sweetheart of a person as well.


  • how old is she ?

  • Your vary saxy

  • Моя сладкая доченька…удачи тебе во всех твоих начинаниях!!! Я надеюсь у тебя всё получится,мы верим в тебя!!!

  • noelia

    she is beutiful :_)