Sophie Schönauer, 178 cm / 5’10”, Austrian, born June 20th.

We Asked:

— One thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

I ́m totally into natural sciences. My all time favorite subject is biology. I actually really find it interesting to microscope different things and dissect body parts of frogs in school.

— Among your friends or family, what are you famous for?

I’m famous for my legendary dance moves in the weirdest situations. The funny thing is, that I really can’t dance, but dancing always makes people happy! ;)

— An issue or cause you are passionate about?

I have always been really into politics. That is a subject I am really passionate about. I love to discuss with people and hear different opinions, although I understand many different views, sometimes discussions can get really heated up. Especially when it is about women’s rights. I love to stand up for that matter, particularly in my little hometown because the people there are quite conservative.


ADDICTED TO MODELS (Vienna – mother agency)
Supreme Management (Paris)
Linden Staub (London)
Two Management (Copenhagen)



Yudai Tateishi, 184 cm / 6’0.5″, Japanese, born February 4th.

We Asked:

— Who is your favorite entertainer?

Jane Birkin. I cannot understand French very much, but when I listen to her songs, I imagine that I am in the limelight as a model in France and I feel that Paris is waiting for me. 

— Who is someone you admire and why?

I admire Ai Tominaga. She is a Japanese supermodel and still a top model. Of course, I wanna be like her as a model and I really respect her mentality. She showed me how to live strongly, love myself, present the clothes which the models wear for the shows. I’m strongly inspired by her behavior and attitude as a model.

— What are three interesting facts about you? 

– Please try searching for @standing0204 on Instagram. Please follow me. You may find something interesting there. 
– Sometimes I also work as an editor in an independent magazine called “shukyu magazine” in Japan, so I get my energy out of football as my background and use this as content in my articles.
– The last thing is that I go to Paris and London this summer. I had a passion for going there since I started modeling. My goal is actually growing and I feel a bit more responsible. 


Y’s C Inc. (Tokyo – mother agency)