Silvia Liu, 176 cm / 5’9.5″, Chinese, born October 8th.

We Asked:

— Who is your favorite entertainer?

SIA! Not only a strong singer but a perfect producer of powerful songs for those divas like Rihanna – “Diamonds”… And she is a cool guy with never show up on stage.

— Your most embarrassing moment?

Beating a stranger on the road as my friend(often happened).

— What are you passionate about?

Hiphop. All kinds of music actually. I like to find all senses of freedom in melody.


Liquidmodels (Shanghai)
Metropolitan / M Management / Makers (Paris)
Monster Management (Milan)



Pape Moundor, 185 cm / 6’1″, Senegalese, born December 10th.

We Asked:

— What’s the most interesting thing about your family?

I’m from a fishing Serrer family, a tribe from Northwest in Senegal, a very special community dedicated to the fishing and a very rich culture, also we have our own language and traditions very well known in Senegal. We are three brothers and a very large number of cousins.

— What are the best and worst aspects of your personality?

The best: Positive, hard worker and responsible. The worst… I need to improve my language skills, I keep forgetting people’s names and I need to be less self-critical.

— Who is your favorite entertainer?

My favourite actor is Will Smith. He is a very good actor and social activist. Also, Youssou Ndour is one of my favourite Senegalese musicians because he represents my culture all over the world.


Pop House (Las Palmas de G.C. – mother agency)
16MEN (Paris)
Next Milan ()
Traffic Models (Barcelona)

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  • Silvia is amazing! I hope to have the opportunity to work with her one day!

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  • “And she is a cool guy with never show up on stage. ” Typo? But same, I love Sia <3